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  2. Do we have to send soul sand as well?
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  3. I forgot to include that part - you do NOT need to supply soul sand. :)
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  4. May I ask how you do it with such a high success rate? I need a good, reliable method, and I'll send you a little tip. :)
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  5. Sounds like a fun business venture. If you ever need any help filling orders please just let me know.
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  6. Going and telling everyone how he is doing it would kind of be counterproductive to establishing more orders... I think. I would be willing to help out, if you get a bunch of orders.
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  7. I honestly don't mind it. Qwerty will be the second person I have told. :)

    Speaking of that, qwerty, check your inbox. ;)
  8. Ooh, I may be interested in using this in the future. Following the thread, I'll message you if I've got something Penguin! :D
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  9. I sadly don't have any skulls :(
  10. how much time does it take you for each order or kill?
  11. Each kill: 15 seconds.

    Each order: It depends on when you order. If I'm not doing anything and stalking the forums, I can get it done in 10 minutes (that's logging in, getting gear, etc). However, I play almost every day so I can almost guarantee orders to be done within 2 days.
  12. I actually timed Penguin when I sent in my wither skulls. Total time of 3 minutes, 17 seconds.
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  13. nice then il get back to you when il get stock up on skulls
  14. The 50% off the first Wither will run for one week from the time of the thread's creation, so order before Tuesday, April 21st at 9:21 PM to get a limited time discount. :)
  15. How do you kill withers in 15 seconds?
  16. You can kill one in 6 hits.
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