Okay... i had a crazy idea

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Crazy enough to make it?

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  1. Okay, sooo i have been sitting in the glow of my monitor, thinking about my breakfast tomorrow,etc... then i had an idea.
    As a few of you can know i m gon be a bircklayer, (AKA i can make walls as well) i had the idea of pulling a bunch of co-workers together and building the giant-@ss wall around a village like in "A.O.T" or "S.N.K" xd just imagine watching the anime looking out the window and seeing the same wall ...
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  2. I think that might be slightly illegal.
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  3. I.R.L copyrights etc...lol
  4. Um, I'm pretty sure mrlegitislegit doesn't mean irl copyrights et cetera..
    edit: Or I'm just stupid et cetera
  5. Oh...come on you know there would be gates in it...right?
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