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  1. i am a peson named oid that loves minecraft and loves the empire i live in the us and am cool
  2. Welcome, it's nice to have another cool person around, I was getting worries I would be the only cool one around here.
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  3. Calling yourself cool automatically makes you uncool.
    Pointing out this fact to uncool people automatically made me uncool as well...
    Oh, and welcome to the empire oidking. :)
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  4. Welcome to the empire!
  5. oidking this is htt71 YOU ARE AWSOME END OF TOPIC XD.
  6. Welcome to the Empire!

    autonamus is an exception. :D
  7. yes oid its true dont be modest you cool man!
  8. Welcome to the Empire :p
  9. :cool: you are cool oid please leave this as last posts AS IT IS TRUE!
  10. This is not an auction..
  11. This is also almost 5 years old :p
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  12. Okay, I figured I'd keep silent so perhaps Nicetoade would remove his post and this thread would get "unbumped", but now that you posted anyway...

    So? What is the purpose of this post?
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  13. This player has not been online in a long time. I can only assume that it was posted wrongly cause this has nothing to do with auctions.

    Closing thread because there is no need to discuss why it was bumped here. If you like start a pm.
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