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  1. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

    What if I cut off your left leg

    Would that make you stronger

    Would it
  2. Yea, ill just turn around and give you one xD

    You could die from bleeding to death though.
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  3. If said person would get a bionical leg, then yes, yes it would. Your arguement is invalid! Hah! :D :D
  4. You're right leg would then have to bear all of your weight instead of sharing it with the left. It would become twice as strong.
  5. After the whole ordeal, your soul would be hard as ice. Well, after four days straight of crying, it would be hard as ice.
  6. I like this answer. One of the reasons runners with prosthetic legs are slowly being removed from the Olympics is that some modern bionic limbs may have a higher energy return rate than human legs. :p
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  7. dont qoute me awsum song lirics pls i luv kelly klarksom

    and dont qeustion it
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  8. There are two types of pain. One pain is the one that makes you stronger, and the other type of pain is useless.
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  9. Yes, they would become immune to having their legs cut off.
  10. It would make you immune to having your left leg cut off.
    Attention to detail, comrade. It's an art.
  11. I wasn't expecting this thread to have this may logical responses.... xD
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  12. Then I'd get a wooden leg and become a pirate...then yes I'd be stronger because pirates are awesome
  13. Pirates. :3
  14. Bionics aside. I think by stronger, it's not meant to be physical strength.

    Plus, i think the song is about a break up, not an amputation.:p
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  16. RIP stands for Rest In Peace, so RIP In Peace is Rest in Peace In Peace :p
  17. if i was a super saiyan then yes!
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  19. Thanks, Sherlock....

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