Oh JustinGuy

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  1. Hanging out on smp1 and this happens.

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  2. Aha, so it does display across all servers... had a feeling the forums were going to blow up, so I came on to watch.

    *munches popcorn*
  3. I saw also
  4. I smell an April Fool's prank.
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  5. April Fools, good one Justin. :p
  6. It's not April Fools. Davie's been explaining in Mumble.
  7. "BigDavie took control of the console and pardonned himself."
  8. Wait, what? why then? were they testing something?
  9. What happened?
  10. Oh Bubblegum, you look like a lot of fun...

    D: how cruel, to say that and not explain any further xD oh well, they must have their reasons.
  11. No. Something about Davie leaking staff secrets, and spawning items for unruly players.
  12. Ok, um... i think That is the April Fools joke... I hope... um...
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  13. Wait, what?
  14. :( That's not good!
  15. I hope this is just an April Fools Prank where all the mods try to kill us with enderdragons like last year.
  16. No, this is serious. Not something to prank around about.
  17. This is obviously an April Fools :p
  18. Did you hear last week, he was almost permer banned for permabanning a griefer?
    See his profile.
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  19. What's next, Shaun banning Justin?
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