oh hai guise

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  1. hai how r u? gud i hope kk thnx bai
  2. im gud thx, bai.
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  3. I'm actually quite well, advanced mathematics went well today :)
  4. k thnx, bai! ^^
    Good to hear. I had a good networking bridge constructed today that will help my business.
  5. The strange fortress owner of Dist 67 is back ;o The Cypher is alive. How've you been xD? You came back at the right time, Hasorko also recently returned. Wb!
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  6. lol "the strange" xD And yea, he is kinad the reason i'm online right now. There is so much new stuff. The pvp system i see finally made it in. i bought some holiday pick for 60k its soul bound, @___@ i want to go to the wasteland but im scared some mob will own me ha

    Much thanks for the welome btw!
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  7. Yo Cypher_Rahl long time, Still remember your builds out in LLo.
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  8. We have PvP in arenas now, lol.
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  9. Hello! Nice to meet you!
    I would say 'Welcome to EMC', however it seems that you have been here before, so
    maybe more appropriate to say 'Welcome Back'! ;)

    Yes, PVP arena was added awhile back to smp6, and is fun. Be sure to play around with the /ps settings also.
    If the pvp arena, and holiday picaxe are new to you, then you will see a bunch of changes around!
    Killing the custom mobs, and group mining/killing earns you 'Tokens' (not used yet, however save them up for when this comes out) which is a non-transferable reward system. Oh, and voters items too! (items earned by voting streaks)

    You no longer have to disconnect to go to other smp's, just type in /smp1 or /smp# to get around.

    I would recommend visiting a player museum, (mman2832, faithcaster, FDNY21 are some of the more recent player museums I have visited (others out there though)) to where you can see see some of the 'newer' fun items that have come out that you may have missed. They even have click-able buttons to where you can see the item descriptions.

    Anyhow, I could keep going on, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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  10. I don't remember seeing that awesome beard of yours though haha.

    I know there are so many things that I thought of that seem like theyre actually in game now. xD It's aweosme! Ive jsut been mining for the last ... 3 hours? .-.
  11. Thanks! I feel like the responsible thing to do is to read the whole site back to front again =p Relearn all the commands, etc. Than of course- plan an awesome castle! Heh... Oh and gather, gather, gather...
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  12. Good to have you back Master Rahl! You've been MIA here.
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  13. Welcome back :p

    I was wondering where you'd run off to...
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  14. All this love! :oops: Gonna cry...
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  15. Hi! I'm BlackKnight, and I like warm hugs! (Too bad I lost all my appendages to that King Arty guy)

    Well, I never met/got to know you before you left, so that just means I'm gonna have to do that now. :D
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  16. I don't think we've met... but welcome back! :D
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  17. Hopefully! ^^

    Im pretty sure i left before you got here. Haha ;p (2012) But hi nonetheless and thnx!!
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  18. hey i remember you..
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  19. I could never forget that name! haha xD
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