Oh Beiber...

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  1. dang... This video sums everything up
  2. I hope he gets deported, in sincerely do. Canadians hate him more than american's do but once a Canadian, always a Canadian.
  3. Justin Beiber is proof that not all Canadians are good.
  4. How that kid isn't behind bars yet is a complete mystery to me.
  5. Well, being a rich white kid makes it harder. He can always make bail.
  6. I find it odd that because he is Candian he can drink at 18, but lives in the USA and is still allowed to drink, when it's illegal. ;3
    :p Anyways, I think that he'll get what he deserves ;3
  7. Why don't we hire a mob to take him away and we make up a story about his disappearance?
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  8. Not a Belieber and proud <3
  9. Something something Beiber sucks something something
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  10. Although, there's always this to make me feel better and be dam proud to be british lol
    UK leg of world tour, took us less than 2 weeks to completely break him lol, left in a strop and vowed never to return :p

    I just wish the US had it so easy
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  11. Lucky.........

    Time to move to britian!
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  12. Well, Australia wants him back so that they can fine him and get him to clean up his graffiti.
  13. probably the only reason why I would want him back in the UK lol, to see him get what he deserves.
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  14. Well I for one welcome our new prisoner... I mean "guest"
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  15. Luckily, no beliebers have commented on this thread saying "ZOMG stup you suk justin bieberr is better than you nub I will kill you!!11! he is 19 and iz allowed to make mistakez"
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  16. Funny part is, if Justin Bieber murdered someone by now, all beliebers would try and back him up.

    "*Justin Bieber kills someone* Beliebers: OMG stop he is 19 he can make mistakes."
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