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  1. Run For The Roads

    Hello everyone! We are an Empire Repair Team sponsored group aimed at fixing the roads of the Empire wilderness. We fund-raise by having races on a recently fixed road. My group needs lots of donations and workers so if you are interested in joining our group or donate fill out one of the forms bellow in a PM. In the races, the winner will win a money and a special signed book.

    Donation form:
    (NOTE: Cobble, Stone, dirt, and money are much appreciated)
    (NOTE: Donate at 9034 on smp4)


    Membership form:
    Why do you want to join:
    What times of day can you get on:
    Have you ever been kicked or banned? Why:
    are you willing to commit time and money:
    (NOTE: Most money will be gotten through donations)
    Our Team
    Owner: porphos
    Co-owner: porphyrian
    Manager: Olaf_C
    Workers: darthin,

    EDIT: To apply for the ERT PM flamingpotato42 and jmb6362
  2. I literally did this to a road in smp 4 in the wilderness on the way to my outpost. I could give you 9 stacks of cobble tomorrow.
  3. thx I will set up a chest on 9034 and which road?
  4. North road from the center
  5. thx
  6. Congratulations to darthin and Olaf_C. They are now staff.
  7. Donation form:
    20000r (i will get it to you today ;))

    Membership form:
    I think this is a great cause and I do a lot of EMC charity work
    I can get on anytime from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM central standard time
    I have gotten minor kicks for just being afk and falling too much on justin's pyramid. I have been banned though before a while ago (one for 2 days, one for 6 hours) for apparently being rude. This is not true and the moderator was mislead.
    I am willing to spend time and money for this
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  8. Donation chest is set up at 9034 on smp4
  9. Donated 9 stacks cobble and 9 stacks dirt for now.
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  10. You say you need dirt? I have several DC's I am happy to hand over to you... I'll also get you some cobble
  11. thx! Bump!
  12. Where do I donate?
  13. 9034 on smp4
  14. For those that do not know. The Empire Repair Team (ERT) is a group of people that aim to help make the wild a safer and more pleasant place. Should you find something that needs to be 'fixed' or 'cleaned up' (besides roads) please PM anyone of our team members (they will have a tag similar to mine in their signature).

    Should you wish to join this group, PM flamingpotato42 and JMB6362 here
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  16. As some may know i am the owner and we have done lots like fixing the utopia iron farm, paths, and even underground railway systems :) apply now by pming me, jmb6362, and generalfelino015
  17. I may need help repairing my outpost ;)
    You guys are awesome :)
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