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  1. Welcome to the official Empire Repair Team thread! Some of you may have heard of this and even applied for it. Well we decided to make it public! So what we do is repair things in the wild and make it a better place. We have already fixed up the utopia iron farm as it was griefed pretty bad. So we are accepting applications to join and help out, we are pretty strict as to who can join because we don't want tons of people easily getting in. To apply start a conversation with me and JMB6362 and fill out the form below and we will either accept you or decline you. Please DO NOT take it personally if we decline you, you may just not be fit for the job.

    ERT is a program that repairs,

    Greifed Work in the Wild
    We Help others
    Repair the Wild
    Make the Wild a better place

    Some Requirements which I will go over.


    *Loyalty - We advise you that we are really tough on non-loyal people. We do not let Team Members disrespect others, Team Wise or Member Wise. If we catch you harassing or disrespecting others you will be stripped from ERT, reported, and as well be TempBanned - or Banned for Harassment or Disrespect. We do NOT Swear to others including abbreviations and we do not pick on younger team members. Greifing any others build is Disrespectful to the Team or to Members, Greifing is Permanent Ban. Also ask before destroying someone of the Teams work for repair or improvement is required. You must ask someone if it is 100% fine to fix work if you are repairing someone else's work that is not on the team.

    Correct Example:

    Allengero approved us to be able to repair his iron farm and make improvements.

    Incorrect Example:

    Fixed something without be asked to or asking to do.


    Redstone is Required to know in this kinda of work, no matter if you know how to do it or not, we will teach you if you have the required skills of Redstone. We will test you on Various things of Redstone, which I will be the teacher and Test Recorder. We will not tell you what you will need to know for the test but we will give you Hints, like I may say "Study the Functions of Redstone Doors" or "Study Redstone Piston Doors." If you lack the test afterwards you will get a score of 59 or below (Like in Real Life [Scores will Depend]).


    You need multiple inputs of design. We do not let you pass if you have lack of design skills. Me and flamingpotato42 have major opinions with Design Skills, we know each other very well, and we discuss our designs thoroughly. I (We) Do not accept "Basic" Design. [Score Depends]


    50% of Score

    20% of Score

    20% of Score

    Now you may be realizing there is a Extra 10% of score.
    [What is one thing that you always do after you use something?]
    If you answer that Riddle we will give you the points. [Hint: You clean it ______ ]

    Really is that Hard

    What skills you have:
    What redstone work can you do?
    Are you loyal?
    Have you been banned before?
    Tell us a little about yourself:

    Owner: flamingpotato42
    Co-Owner: JMB6362
    Manager: Apocryphan
    Co-Manager: QDude_

    Non-Staff Members:
    YOU MAY ONLY APPLY ONCE, NO REVISTING YOUR APPLICATION IF YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTED. If you apply a 2nd time your chances will decrease greatly.
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  5. Founded in 2012, still active. It works more as a compromise of being respectful with Minecraft wilderness and such, not really as a guild.

    Very similar. I suggest we join forces.
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