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  1. Can I connect my residences/build on the street?
    Players do not have permissions to build on the street below level 129, after which they can build above the sandstone. However, if you require a redstone connection or any other customization between multiple residences that you own, you can PM a senior staff member to do it for you. N.B. That fees may apply and the owner must supply materials. Specific information here.

    Can I get my residence quickly dug out?
    For a fee of 60k [SMP1-9] or 120k [Utopia] a senior staff member can world edit all of the dirt out of your residence. They can also accept custom requests sometimes which is up to the staff members discretion. Specific information here.

    When are the promised major EMC updates coming?
    Dragon tombs, the shop update, and PVP server amongst others are all updates that are planned and coming to EMC in the future. Dragon tombs will be the first to completed after smaller updates and the hard work that goes into updating EMC for new Minecraft versions. These updates aren't easy to complete, however, so it's recommended that everyone be patient.

    How can I make rupees quickly?
    Check these guides out (here, here and here) for tips.

    Voting, signing in daily and owning an in-game store are great methods to earn rupees.

    How can I search through my rupees history?
    Currently there is no easy method to quickly search through your rupees history on the site, however you can use this program which is really helpful for shop-keepers.

    I was griefed/stolen from, what do I do?
    If you were griefed, PVP'd, stolen from or fell victim to anything that is against EMC rules, private message a moderator from the list here and tell them what happened. N.B. That in TOWN unless the person admitted to it or you have screenshots of them doing the act, nothing can be done. Be careful who you give permissions to.

    Where can I appeal my ban?
    You may appeal a punishment to the staff member that banned you with a private message via the site. Click here for more information on appealing a ban.

    Can I change my username?
    No, you cannot change your username on the website or the game server, however you can contact Mojang for assistance.

    Can I reset my residence in Town (start over)?
    Yes you can reset your residence with /res reset, click here for more info.

    Can I unclaim my residence and claim a different one?
    Yes you can unclaim your residence with /res unclaim, click here for more info.

    How do I become a supporter?
    If you want to support EMC you can donate real money in increments of 5, 10 and 20 for a variety of perks. Click here for more information on upgrading. There is also the option of donating for rupees in-game here.

    Click here for a guide on "Who to contact."

    Didn't find what you were looking for? Don't forget to read the Empire Guide and Help page.
  2. This is great, I didn't know that think about being able to connect residences over level 130. I'm not a supporter though, so it doesn't really matter. :)
  3. Pst... Alex, it's 129 and over :p
  4. This is a real nice thread. Except if anyone can build over 129, then if you have a skyscraper, could someone grief it or can you only build over the road?
  5. Great thread alex, Nicely set out and detailed :)
  6. They can build half way accross the road, and you can build the other half if you wish.
  7. Above 129 the residences are two blocks wider on each side (so become 64x64). Your res permissions remain.
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  8. This is an awesome guide alex! :D
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  9. :). I started to worry someone might find it "funny" to cast a shadow over my res. :p
  10. Bridging Residences?

    I know I read somewhere here on the forum about bridging 2 neighboring res. together above a certain height level. I now use 2541 and 2540 on smp1. I went to the highest level (255), and could only build out 1 block on each res.

    the street below (waaaaaayyyyyyy below)is separated by a row of trees. is this a limitation of building? Can the bridge only span 1 block on each side?

    can someone please help me find the post I was reading earlier, or give me insight as to how I can bridge these 2 residences?
    btw, in the article i was reading, there was a mention of passing redstone across as well, and needing to contact an admin. though that is not a concern it may help someone to remember where this article was posted

    Thank you so much.
  11. I have neighboring residences, so I know for a fact that it is possible to go outside your 60x60 boundries by exactly 2 blocks. If you own reses on both sides of a road, you can completely bridge that road, but ONLY if it is one of the minor 4 block wide roads, as 2+2=4. The roads with a row of trees cannot be bridged, unfortunately. Hope this clarifies.
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  12. it does clarify. TY for the post.
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  13. a link to Has been added to the OP :)
  14. How can I search through my rupees history?

    A: You can now check it somewhere on the website
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  16. Well.... It's not "Rude" because it's stickied.
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