Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2019 Edition)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Yes, I cut my hair. And I got new glasses. I meant to post this weeks ago but procrastination is my specialty....

    Ignore that stupid zit that wanted to be the center of attention (and my chin)....
  2. I was laying in bed this morning and one of my dogs laid down right next to me and fell asleep :D

  3. Aww!! (both you and your dog :p)
  4. uhm i'm back. sorta. sup boys
  5. Benny in a dog cage, WOOF WOOF [coming soon]
  6. Check out post #231
  7. *deletes post because I live under a rock*
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  8. I don't take a lot of pictures of myself so they're scarce unless others take them but was just in Olympic Valley replacing the gal's door knob and lock and she coerced me into taking one with her.

    And what you can't see in the background is this....

    Bit of mobile-phone astrophotography ;)