Official EMC Show Yourself Thread (2014 Edition)

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  1. One of our most popular thread "series" has been our "Show Yourself" threads here at EMC. It allows those willing to share images of themselves and share a little bit about them in the process and allows the community to grow stronger as a family together. We've had three threads thus far and this one marks our 4th. This is our 2014 Edition. We'll let it go until the end of the year and make a new one in 2015.

    The general rules for this thread are as follows:
    1. Please limit your photos to ONLY real photos of yourself or close family/pets (sisters/brothers etc.) that are REAL and taken in the year 2014. Any fake pictures or joke pictures that aren't you or about you IRL in someway will be removed.
    2. Please keep any non-picture posts related to comments on the pictures/stories already posted. No off topic posts, please.
    3. Don't be rude. Of course compliments are welcome by all, but if you don't have something nice to say about someone's post/picture/store, don't post it as it will be removed and leave you in some trouble for doing so.
    That's about it for the rules, just use common sense and have fun.
  2. Also, thanks again to Battmeghs for taking tons of super HD pictures of her eyeballs for our banner. :p
  3. Looking forward to new years eve pictures people will be posting:D When they are shot at new years, do they count for 2014? Even when it's like 11 PM?
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  4. Next Year when, I go back and look at all the pictures of this thread, (Yes, I do that :)) I will probably and not be surprised to see at least 20 pics of battmeghs.
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  5. I feel so special :D lolol
  6. I feel like that's the kind of place you'd go to just to think about stuff lol
  7. I would say Scottish highlands but it isn't raining. Maybe he photoshopped the rain out.
  8. Believe it or not it was actually whiteout conditions at the top and two foot of snow. That was only halfway.
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  10. image.jpg
    Yeah, my room is messy. Gimme a break.
    And it is a low quality picture, taken with my iPod. Evidently.
  11. Here is a picture from last night. I am the one on the left. Not sure why my eyebrow is all goofy :/
  12. *Watches the thread*
  13. here is my new one for the new year, yay!

  14. Yeah so, everyone knows me as the person who sells so many horses and to be really into bears
    I own a camo bear shirt who wears sunglasses, it's me rolled into a shirt (I'm on left my lovely girlfriend on right)

  15. That picture looks so much like someone in my class :eek:
    Snapshot_20140101.JPG Snapshot_20140101_1.JPG

  16. Yeeeeeaaah.... That's me xD Don't judge, I'm just a bit crazy x3
  17. image.jpg

    Party of 1 = Party animal?
    EDIT: Stupid sideways photo
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