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Do you think cash is a freedom that should be preserved? There is a war on cash. Google it.

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  1. Hi all!

    I made a thread for my little shop. I feel like it would be nice if everyone had a spot where they could see Bulk Shop updates if you choose to watch this and have a spot to speak their mind about the place. So please comment, complain, and suggest anything on your mind. If you are just happy with everything, feel free to post that as well! Happy shopping!

    Bulk Shop! Buy a ton! Sell a ton!

    Note: Bulk Shop is considered a freedom shop, which means it is a shop that practices the free market law of supply and demand. You can buy as much as you want, or sell as much as you want! Bulk Shop does not care about business specifics, it cares that your business is here and your bulk needs of basic materials are met :).
  2. Great shop! Easily one of the best on EMC. I appreciate the work you put into it, Pepper!
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  3. Thank you :)
  4. I decided that I should be trading nether warts since they're essential for brewing and eventually there will be blocks of it. Hope it helps!
  5. I also took a shot at chorus fruit! Let's hope it takes off! It's on top of the leather downstairs.
  6. Peps, now that we have an End waste, are you carrying End Stone?
  7. I need to :O
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  8. I'm working on the display right now
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  9. End stone is live! Come sell and soon buy end stone!
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  10. Bump! Also I raised glass prices if anyone has not noticed this week. Happy birthday EMC!
  11. Bump! Feel free to post complaints. They help me improve. Also Im running a publicly traded shop idea by Krysyy. So we'll see how that goes.
  12. I upped glass prices as it has seemed like it has been dead there for a while. Already got a dc of that in, so nice to see life there. Also I lowered vault voucher prices to 7500r each! The lowest knows about! So just trying to push price updates during my busy schedule. Feel free to post complaints or complements here so I can see how you all think the place should be improved. Enjoy!
  13. Lets see, what things still can't be made from what I currently sell at Bulk Shop? Ice, packed ice, ummm help? I guess flowers, shrubs and things. Though dyes are very popular.... idk.
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  14. Lol, i just found out about this thread, although being a customer for since you built it... Great shop! keep stocking smp8!
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  15. I have a banner shop that I need bulk items for. I've been Farming all the items I need, but it's getting to the point I just might need to buy in bulk to save time. I love your shop and if you ever need ideas for things to stock here's what I would definitely buy: {I know you already have stock on a lot of these, just thought I'd list 'em all}

    • Wool of Every color
    • Wood for sticks
    • Ox-eye flowers for patterns (Doubles as silver Dye)
    • Wither Skulls for patterns
    • Enchanted Notch Apples for Patterns >_< The most expensive and most popular item...
    • Brick Blocks for Patterns
    • Vines for Patterns
    • Creeper Skulls for Patterns
    • And of course all the Dyes
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  16. Well I have a semi-auto wool farm on my 3rd Res. Feel free to use it. I got clay balls for the bricks you need. Dyes for the colored wool. There might be a stack or 2 of vines near the jungle wood. I exited the wither skull market, the bears there are horrendous. I got wood logs as well. So almost everything you need :). I gotta get better though.
  17. Bump! Feel free to post anything!