Ocean Monument / Guardian Farm

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  1. Just wanted to show off mine and Khixan's skills in the form of a guardian farm. This was my first attempt at making a farm of this size, so I'm pretty proud of it.

    I located an ocean monument a couple thousand blocks from our wild base, which was pretty convenient. This is when we first got up the walls around the monument (and tried to use sponge like a noob at first).

    Set up a mini-camp inside the monument for potions and storage.

    Started clearing out the water inside the rest of the monument.

    Finished drying up the inside and started soaking up the water outside the monument.

    Spawned some pigs halfway through to get the entity count up so guardians would stop knocking us off the walls.

    Cleared out all the water then started clearing out the bottom of the enclosed area and found slimes (which happens to be my favorite mob).

    Finally cleared everything out, put slabs along the bottom to stop hostile mobs from spawning, and set up the enclosed spawning are area for the guardians.

    View from the bottom of the spawning area where the drops are collected.

    Special thanks to Khixan of course first of all. Also thanks to deadmaster98, corruptedsmile, and rdmaster :)
  2. this is the same farm i was going to build but i decided to make a full monument farm
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  3. It was fun! :) Thanks for the pics Kat!
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  4. Currently in the early stages of building my farm. I have the the water in the monument fully drained and I'm working on clearing the temple out right now. I'm going to make my farm so that I can use it for XP, as guardians give 10 XP every time they're killed.
  5. I looked at a few different designs, but I liked this one the best. We just had to tweak it a tiny bit for it to work correctly on EMC.
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  6. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.
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  7. Well done:) hoping to have ours up early next week.
    A tip for anyone draining water: when you need to quickly collect your sand to section off the next area, quickly break the bottom sand block and replace with a torch. It's MUCH faster than a shovel.
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  8. Great job! A gang of friends and I are still in the draining phase. :)
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  9. That's what we did lol. Would've taken forever using a shovel.
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  10. Sorry, it's not public as it's near our wild base.
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  11. drmadfate doesn't understand what that means... D:<
  12. Very nice work - well done :)
  13. Thanks!
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  14. Forgot to add a picture of it actually working.
  15. just wondering but did you use signs or fence gates for the water
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  16. I am using fences, seems to go a little faster. Definitely less annoying imho
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  17. What server? I know its not public, but which server is it on? Because it seems like SMP7 doesn't have anything fun...
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  18. Another protip, which was given to me by Gawa, 3 wide draining... OMG I have 2 5 wide to drain because Stew is dumb I did only 1 3 wide layer and it drained fast.
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  19. smp7 doesn't have anything fun? your crazy. We have LLO, probably the largest wild outpost on emc, we have a really awesome museum, budhas mall, lindennzs carnival res, wolfdragon81's hide and seek res, Farbranch(a public outpost that has had a lot of activity in recent weeks) someone building giant portraits of anime out in the wild, a nether res (with secrets), cryptic eagle built a really pretty tower recently, we have the youtuber karatekitkat that has a very interesting res and creative videos, JesusPower and his shop that held up the smp7 economy for a while, just_so_pro when he is around, wyntyrs gold block mansion, soooo many mazes once of which is at appl3s_ih3art's res(not sure if it is open to the public yet), tomijos pink-ness and the zombie army, mustanglovers high score for most ignored player, mercenaries2009 and his tower, alyattayla and the four res square that those player coordinated which is really creative, not to mention her super fun slime trampoline, the airship multi level res which is way fun to explore at /v 15174, pab10s and his awesome creations in town, yodascokedealer's freaking gorgeous build outside of town... soooo I'm not sure what you are talking about. oh and my guard farm is on smp7 :p along with my giant pink cat in town, which makes everyone that walks past my res think I'm a girl...
  20. Gates. I read somewhere they're better to use for the guardians to fall through. It took soo much wood lol. Thus the random tree farm in the corner.

    I live on smp8, but this is on smp7.