Obligatory biographical overview of my time here.

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  1. Greetings to all. As you can see, I'm using a different font because I'm super-hip and all that haberdashery, but I shall digress to tell a short, easily digested recount of my time here on Empire Minecraft. No doubt, since I'm a rather controversial member someone's gonna march in the thread and attempt to be mean, and that's probably completely justified in reciprocal theory. However, I am not here to speculate about what's going to happen as a result of this overview, I'm here to deliver the overview. Starting now.

    I started playing Minecraft a while back, at around the time Beta 1.2 was out. In my local area, I played Minecraft before it was cool, yet of course due to the way microsocieties work, I don't exactly get a certificate and a trophy for such an occurrence.

    I made a few singleplayer worlds and played on them for most of the time initially, before progressing on to servers. I was a known name in many servers over time, and I would've played Minecraft on and off for periods of time, going onto games such as Terraria, Portal 2, and TF2. I was especially successful on Terraria, where I was an operator on a prominent server under the persona of ScoMo, and I became famous for my intricate socioeconomic projects which I structured my own ScoMonian society on. These projects included a city, a tunnel system spanning the server with links to the surface that doubled up as villages, a university with an entire curriculum set out in many different fields, a bank, and a police/army force with a complex hierarchy and jurisdictive structure.

    In February this year, I found EMC on Minestatus. I was intrigued, and I ended up joining and starting on a house. I was intrigued with the economics, attempting to put a value on dirt since my residence was full of it. I started building a market complex, which ended up having many empty aisles and a communal trade area that was never used, as well as a huge teleport nexus, which was mostly empty.

    Slightly frustrated with the lack of activity around my shop, I innovated. I started offering investments in shops, giving grants to people with shops in return for a slice of their profits. It was reasonably for me, so I kept innovating more.

    The biggest goldmine I hit was the idea to simulate a popular European investment bond system on EMC; lottery bonds. It was a complex concept, so I set up a mini-tutorial in my residence to explain it and I created an intricate system with random number generators and public cloud records to decide and record winners. I made thousands.

    Looking to expand this, I realised the majority of my residence was redundant in this operation. On the advice of ClickZzHD, an early friend of mine on the server, I reset my res, in favour of a huge new project; the Pivot Superexchange.

    I started a whole ton more investments as well as the original lottery bonds; raffle tickets, lottery tickets, a diamond exchange, bonds tied to diamond prices, and even shares in external companies. I kept branching out, and decided to mount a supply line that would give me the upper hand in the EMC goods economy.

    Of course, knowing me, I decided it would be a good idea to also monopolize SMP5's wild through a giant lava wall to further gain economic control, although that of course backfired and ended up with me being hugely antagonized and banned with an almighty ridiculing on my departure. Welp.

    I did manage to bounce back, successfully sending a ban appeal, however I returned to quite a lot of hate, not only for the lava project, but also for my other investments. I was accused of being lazy through my innovations. This escalated until I posted a thread attacking the community for being anti-intellectual before leaving.

    I had another on-and-off period with Minecraft, before finding a clan called SCoM. They followed the doctrines of socialism and communism for use in Survival Multiplayer Minecraft, which intrigued me. So, I joined to a warm welcome, then I offered to set up a base for them here, and here I am.
    I didn't choose the thuglife, thuglife chose me
  2. That's my important thread font. >.>

    Meh. These things are funny...
  3. You forgot your "10 million rupee job" thing, and that thread of your about leaving was deleted quite quickly because you raged at everyone for not considering what disabilities you had, which ended up with everyone basically saying "Do you seriously expect us to feel bad about tearing apart your ridiculous ideas just because you have ____?" You attempted to tell us that we were all just jealous of how great your ideas were, and how we were mad because we didnt think of them first. Since you said you werent going to look at the responses, you probably missed out on the part where several people who had the same disability as you came into that thread and were the most against you, for giving them a bad image. The reason why we are so hostile towards you is that you seem very power hungry, and you never actually do the work yourself. With your 10 million idea, you were supposed to get a large cut of the profits just for coming up with the idea and drawing a bunch of lines on the map. You tried to sell isles in your store for huge amounts of money. You went to other servers asking for people to buy your bonds, and you never went back to them again.

    Sorry if this is harsh, but there are reasons that people who know who you are dont trust you. At all.
  4. I do kind of agree with Jk because you did have some ideas that didn't go too well
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  5. I would also like to say that i personally admired you and i had your shop address posted on my favorite wall until you started coming up with all these plans. So its not like i (or anyone else) just decided to "pick" on you because we needed a big enough reason (lava walls, everything else).
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  6. I admire your punctuation and the words you used.

    Are you actually 14 years old?
  7. Well, fair enough, I have absolutely no retaliation to that because there is none.
    Perhaps I could maybe modify the clan so we do use currency and the money is redistributed equally among everyone on a weekly basis? Would that come across as less power-hungry and profit-grabbing?
    Could I perhaps apologise to the most annoyed users I made look bad?
    I do sort of feel depressed that I caused everyone such disruption, the harshness you used was merely an illustration of the truth that has given me some deserved guilt.
  8. Yes. Of course, the vocabulary comes with a great deal of greed and narcissism. Every silver lining has a cloud.
  9. Never met the guy but cool story
  10. Well. It is awesome to hear you saying that.
  11. Close enough...
  12. Look again. It was a good misuse of an idiom in the context he used it in.
  13. I don't think ANY of them went too well.
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