Obama & Putin Phone Conversation

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  1. This is hilarious!!!!

  2. Haha. I saw this. Move out of the way Adele Dazeem (John Travolta Oscar joke).

    The cold war never bothered me anyways.

    Most people don't even want it.

    We have word in Russia for that. It called Obamacare.

    Just to be clear, no progress was made at all?

  3. Obama: You cant illegally invade other countries
    Putin: *Cough* Iraq *Cough*
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  4. "You're forcing people to accept something the majority of them don't even want."
    "Yes, we have word for that. 'Obamacare.'"
    Dear god, yes.
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  5. That is what made me laugh the most.. lol
  6. LMFAO
    send this to my dad, my mom and dad are going crazy watching the news this will make them "let go" of the whole thing if you know what I mean ;)
  7. I was like wut? on the obamacare part because most of my family actually needed it -- and wanted it. :3
    I suppose it could also be used as "Obama cares"
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  8. Your family is in the minority then, and benefiting from what is otherwise a pretty awful policy. A large chunk of Americans (and particularly, healthy young adults) are being forced into Obamacare because the system will quite literally fail unless there is a surplus of people who will never need or use the healthcare they're actually paying for.
    On top of that, it's doing damage to employment and business models, because of mandates placed on employers - employers who would rather cut hours and reduce full-time employment to avoid said policy mandates.

    On the whole it's an absolute ****ing disaster with a lot of unintended consequences that Obama is simply turning a blind eye to. And what's worse, the media is helping to cover his ass by downplaying or ignoring the problems too (sans the coverage early on about how the website was broken, but even then it was all about the companies involved and who was liable for the website's problems - not the problems with Obamacare and how the majority of Americans want nothing to do with this BS).

  9. He is really Putin people down.
  10. I litarly died at the "The Cold War never bothered me anyway", lol. :p
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  11. Man Putin put the house down on Obama (coming from a Russian).Did you see that vodka bottle? Damn...it was half empty, like I said Russian guy going for Russia.
  12. Will you see, vodka never freezes and Putin drank half of it so...vodka in your blood=you never being scared of Cold War, it never gets cold on the Russians
  13. I can accept mistakes. I don't entirely like or agree with most of Obama's decisions or policies, but if shown they were bad or didn't/won't work, and they admit/fix it, I can at least respect him. Unfortunately, he goes the complete opposite to try and save face for his loyal party followers every time.

    The BIGGEST absolute important concern with the forced Obamacare with people was they could keep their own insurance/doctors. When they started coming in by the millions of cancelled policies, it was ignored for months.

    Then, when finally asked about it, Obama simply responded with something along the lines of, "Well, things didn't go the way we thought, so we can't hold up that promise."

    That's it. There was no uproar or solution to this major problem. He basically just said, "Oops" and it continued as planned.
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  14. For those reading this and doubting: it is absolutely true. I had the pleasure of working in a Medicare call-center from September to January while this was rolling out, and even the seniors and retirees who should've been safe from this damn thing were getting hammered with policy changes, higher premiums, and all manner of screwed-over-ness. Meanwhile, internal company memos were all bright and cheery because "Woo, it's an enrollment bonanza!"

    I won't deny that for a few Americans, there are benefits, but on the whole, the only ones this really helps are the insurance companies.

    Either you're a zombie now, or you need to see this:
  15. O.O icc replied to my thread.
    also, I kept expecting the obama in the video to say "Oh, Crimea river"
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  16. Pretty sure I'm a zombie now... I have been having weird cravings for flesh lately.
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  17. "Friends and loved ones, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of one of our own. We shall never forget wisepn or the good times we shared with him.
    Sadly, he laughed himself to death watching a youtube video and is now a shambling undead abomination. Everyone have your shotguns loaded?"
  18. First of all, lol.
    Second of all, my family now has to pay an extra $200 a month because our insurance plan was canceled.
  19. It's been said a million times before, but the American political system is screwed.
    The electoral system is based on First Past The Post, and the President is elected not directly, but with some college thingy which doesn't even reflect the wishes of the people half the time (wasn't Al Gore meant to be president that one time?) American voters vote not for who they want to see as President, but who would be less worse as President. They are voting for the lesser of two evils.
    Because of all of this, there is little political competition, and little incentive to develop any real competitive policies or deliver any real action.
    But of course, in the absence of having to be held accountable to voters, representatives submit themselves to corporate lobbies, from security services who want private prisons (based on punitive rather than rehabilitative action) continued, to oil and tobacco companies who want exorbitant subsidies maintained on their products.
    There is no leadership in foreign relations either. Intervention was the norm during the Bush era, now we have another extreme; a President who can't rock the boat out of fear of instigating another war on the national credit card. In the past month, Russia marched into Ukrainian territory and basically said "this is ours now" and nobody stopped them. I mean, wow.

    I could go on for ages, really. I sympathize with you, ICC, the American people need neither the Republicans nor the Democrats; they have long outlived their usefulness. They need something fresh.