[OBAM Let's Play] Suggest Our Adventure!

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  1. So, we've decided we'd like to do a "modded" survival let's play. Though, we'd like to take your suggestions on things you'd like to see and also give us "objectives" to do. One reason we haven't really started a generic survival let's play, is, to me, it's tough to record and keep interesting without any set "goals" to do.

    So, suggest to us some fun mods you'd like to see us use (could be anything really, that adds more mobs/creatures/buildings, whatever) and things you'd like to see accomplished that you think would be fun to watch.

    We'll keep on doing our regular adventure maps as well, just want to keep ourselves busy and diversified to keep people interested. :)
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  2. Try the Fallout DeadState Map!
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  3. Well, THIS specific thread is about suggesting things for a modded survival. Basically normal MC with added stuff where we will spawn in a random spot and go from there. No adventure map/story stuff on this one.
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  4. I see, do have any mods in mind?
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  6. Also, if you could provide links to the mods and let us know what you like about them, that'd be awesome as well. :)
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  7. Play with really advanced mods like BuildCraft or IndustrialCraft or even Tekkit and make every new machine/item without 1) spawning items in and 2) searching up recipes. It would probably be tedious watching you try to learn though...

    Another interesting idea might be hard to keep up with, but basically you go up to everyone taking part in the recording and individually tell them all that they need to ruthlessly troll everyone else. Evil, but could be hilarious. *hopes that Spiders and Belch don't see this* :p
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  8. The EMC mod. No idea where it is, the link seems to be hiding, but it would be pretty funny to watch.
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  9. Yeah, I've heard about it, but never really seen the thread. Although I've heard that the link is in the creator's signature.
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  10. Mo Creatures.
    You could also try doing a Tekkit LP
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  11. Honestly, I tried tekkit, and it really seems like it's TO much. I think I'd prefer doing specific mods so we can just go a little at a time.

    You almost have to have an encyclopedia next to you for tekkit, haha.

    I saw one let's play the other day where the girl had dinosaurs as pets, haha. Not sure what it was though, but that'd be kinda fun. Is that Mo Creatures?
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  13. Sounds fun. Could you provide the link to the original posts though, so we can make sure we're getting all the up to date files?
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  14. Added links to my suggestions :)
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  15. ^This, for the love of God, this^
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  16. I actually wanted to do this automatically, haha. Someone find the link and it's for sure in (assuming it's up to date, etc.)
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  18. If no one could tell, the thread will magically appear if you click the .gif in my signature. I have not updated it to 1.5.2 yet, but will probably be updated soon, as in a few minutes/an hour.
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  20. Here is the link :)
    Edit- Ninja'd by Nick and Amused :p
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