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  1. Hey all, I'm new here. The day I joined was an interesting one, here's the short story:

    I found Empire on a server list somewhere, and clicked it to come check it out. As I had done with dozens of other servers that turned out to be rubbish.

    As soon as I logged into server 9 (cause that's where the link took me), I was kicked with some weird error. And was unable to log back in. I checked out the website to see there were 9 different servers and tried a couple others. None of them were working, I thought to myself "Was I just banned for some weird reason???". I thought I'd take a look at the forums anyway, find out more about the server(s). Noticed player numbers increasing on server 5, and it was showing as online. So I logged in to find scores of players letting off fireworks. Turns out, I chose the exact right time to log into EMC as 8 out of 9 servers crashed/went down.

    So after i said hi, i'm new here, and was bombarded with cakes, steak, cookies and an inventory full of cobble and a few wood/saplings... I thought I'd go do the tutorial and look around. After completing the tutorial I thought I'd look around and get started building a base.

    So now you will find me busy building big in SMP5 wilderness. When I finally figure out how to grief-protect my area, and get enough coin to lock my 100's of chests, I'll perhaps invited people to have a look.


    About me:
    I'm older than most of your probably: 37 :p

    I've played minecraft for maybe... 8 months now.

    I am a good builder, and engineer. I can build just about anything, and if you say it can't be done with redstone, I'll probably build it just to prove it can be done.

    I just enjoy the challenge of automation and efficiency, and economic profitability. With the end goal to benefit everyone playing this crazy game with me. I also love the challenge of doing it myself. :) But I do let people 'help' me if it makes them happy. lol

    So what of my future here?
    I guess you will not hear from me for a while as I study the server, build my auto-farm base and get myself established physically and economically. When I have learned all I can, and established myself, I will branch out to bring my knowledge and wealth to everyone else. Most likely join or start a community project based around whatever people need.

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  2. Welcome to EMC. We're glad that the rare server error didn't change your mind :)
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  3. Welcome! Have fun!
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  4. Good luck on the server buddy. I think you'll do well here.
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  5. Oh, I remember you, welcome to EMC :)
    Also, sorry if you felt bombarded by the players, but we had 10 servers worth of people on smp5 then and they all wanted to say hello :D
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  6. Hey you :p
    Welcome to the forums , let me know if you need anything in game for your base :)
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  7. It's ok :) I figured out from the endless chatter at the time that the other servers were down. lol

    I really fell into the deep end joining EMC :p

    I have found the multiple servers with multiple worlds all with different rules/areas of protections/resets pretty confusing. And the wiki/forums etc didn't explain how it all worked very well, hence I'm still figuring it all out. I'll offer some suggestions on making that a lot easier for new comers like myself to understand once I fully grasp it all myself.

    I can see how it's a lot of fun for you folks who have been here months though. :) Just please be patient with me as I get used to things. lol
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  8. Welcome to EMC :)
  9. I'm 44 (45 in 6 days), and there are a few folks around here older than me. Welcome to EMC! We're glad you survived the server crash.
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  10. Also, I made you this:

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  11. ;) Welcome to EMC! :cool:
  12. LOL brilliant, thanks.
  13. Welcome to EMC! Glad to see another person who likes to do their own stuff. My friend and I are mechanical designers and the other is a Mechanical engineer. So we like our machines too! Some of us more than the others (cough) KilledDallos (cough).... hehe KilledDallos and I are on smp6 while our friend 96talon is on smp9. We like having guests. Good luck to you and happy designing. :cool:
  14. Nice to see other older players, but you have me by a couple years. :D In 5 days it will be 4 years.
  15. Welcome!
    Unfortunately it's currently impossible to have grief proof, but you can use /report if you know who griefed it and have evidence :)
    Enjoy your time!
  16. Yea... :) And from my experience, evidence is nearly impossible to get. (Unless you have prism/worldguard or some other event logger). But I'll give it a go anyway, see how it works out.

    If griefing is a problem, i'll probably move on to another server. :) Had my fill of chasing griefers.
  17. Thanks for the stuff. :) I'll pay you back sometime somehow. It's not too difficult to get what you need here, which is great. So shouldn't have any problems slowly collecting resources.
  18. Welcome to the empire, NZScruffy! Have a nice stay at EMC.
  19. Moderators can trace certain blocks, not sure of a exact list.
    Also, if you go far enough out it probably won't be griefed.
  20. Hey, just Bumping this thread. Mostly to clarify my age.

    And wow, this was me when I started EMC not so long ago.
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