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  1. Hi Nuttyknight42 here

    I currently designing and building a shop. As the title suggested it going be by biomes. Which should help keep items in order. On Utopia type /v 5198
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  2. Currently work on the redstone biome, which will house temporary item shop.
  3. I do like making ruppes but my main goal is you need a item for a building project i'll try to supply it. If you need armor after you die i'll supply it.
  4. this is cool i like that your doing this if you need any help just start a convo with me and ill be happy to
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  5. Thanks i keep that in mind.
  6. This is actually a very good idea. I think the biggest problem shops have is setting them up so it doesn't take an hour to try to find what you want. Very creative of you.
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  7. The shop is temporary closed, turning my attention to my outpost.
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  8. So i can make a item factory.
  9. The shop is open with limited items types!
  10. I am now selling stone, cobblestone, dirt, gravel, andsite, diorite, granate and polished versions of them. Also selling netherrack, nether bricks. Come to res /v 4490 or /v nuttyknight42!
  11. Stopped by again yesterday. Design is looking great
  12. Would anyone buy shulker boxes if I sold them in the shop?
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  13. What would people like to buy at my shop?