Numerous empty town lots

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  1. I'm genuinely upset to see that a number of lots in town are claimed with literally nothing built on them. It's quite lame to travel thousands of blocks outwards to find an empty plot that isn't claimed when I pass dozens of empty lots that I cannot build in. There should be a pruning system for inactive empty lots, it's kinda ridiculous for empty land like that to be unused just because someone called dibs on it ages ago and did nothing with it.
  2. :rolleyes:

    1. /v open
    2. After 30 days a res goes "derelict" so people can claim it
    3. People with only like 1-2 logins have a 5 day derelict thing.
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  3. I don't know about others but I have 2 lots that are empty. This is because I am trying to secure 4 plots together. I'd rather wait until I have them all before building. That's my reasoning though lol
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  4. Nobody walks around in town. There are commands to visit locations as long as you are in town and you will find them to be your best friend. As has already been said /v open will find you an unclaimed res.

    If you want to visit a shop or player you will use /v and then use the player name or ask for their residence number and /v to the number. This is a good system because all plots are easily reached and only a few in the center of town are considered prime locations.

    The /v command also works while you are riding a horse, so you can explore around quickly, and /home will return you and your horse to your home residence.
  5. I remember when Aikar was soo impressed of himself when he added entity TP'ing
  6. Thanks for the tips AwesomeBuilder.

    I suppose I just dislike the over reliance of TP commands to be the excuse for why there can be so many empty plots not being used, but dibbed for a future use that may or may not ever be more than a dirt shed. Disappointing to see so many empty 60x60 squares in the center of a massive town, takes away from my immersion, but the perpetrators are most likely donators so hey, it is what it is.

    To the Frontier I go. How often might that area reset? Does town ever reset either?
  7. The Frontier and Town are never reset. Resets only apply to the Wastelands. :)
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  8. I can guarantee you that most of those plots are by new players who log in twice, then quit.
  9. Oh... im all alone
  10. Geez, get with the times, Tiger! Walking is so 2011. These days, we simply ask an admin or senior staff to fly us around Town upon the backs of Empirian steeds! Trust me, it's much more efficient. :)
  11. No its not lame.

    Those plots are owned by active players and what they want to do on their plots is their own business. This is actually one of the things which makes EMC what it is (a popular server): you can build anything on your residence..

    Anything... which includes a mud-hut, which isn't appreciated on every server...

    So, no offense intended, but what people do on their residences really is their own business and no one else's. (unless they violate rules).

    Added to this: unused plots aren't kept around. If you go 'derelict' (too long an idle time) then you risk losing your residences ("plots"). Right now that time is set for 4 days for you. So after you log out you need to be back within 4 days and all is well. Otherwise you risk your residence (we call plots residences) to be taken over.

    Remedy: log on, or /vote for our server (use /vote in-game, follow link here). Voting will nullify the derelict time. So, in my case that time would be 30days (if I wasn't a supporter). So /vote'ing for the server once every 30 days would insure my safety.

    Trust me when I say: people have thought this over ;)

    We have, see above :) Be careful what you wish for ;)

    Please do check out the official derelict policy. As mentioned: its set quicker for new players, especially to make sure that new players don't come in, claim a plot, then go offline while that plot remains occupied for nothing.

    And welcome to EMC :)

    Gonna check if you got a welcome post, but if not: welcome, and I hope you'll be enjoying yourselves.