Notch apple rush

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  1. I'm curious to know how flooded the market will be with golden apples when 1.9 hits. I'm asking people to volunteer info on how many Notch apples they have, and how many they plan to sell.
    I suppose I should start.
    I have about 1000 apples, I plan to sell 80 percent and save the rest.
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  2. Might be better to ask how many people are expecting to buy after 1.9 ships :) I'm skeptical there will be a market.

    edit: (oh, I have zero)
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  3. I'll just leave this here.

  4. I know there wont be a market for the first month with how many have been hoarded...But i predict it will come back . I doubt anyone who will buy will be reading or posting to this thread.
  5. I have about a stack that I*m saving for personal use, and I also sell them currently in my banner shop. Maybe the price is too low, actually - raising the price now might be a great strategy because I am consistently sold out due to all the hoarders. I normally don't keep more than 6 at a time in my shop chest to cut back on this type of buyer. They'd have to check back at my shop at random times to get a consistent supply lol.
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  6. only got 4 stacks :p ^^ they are for personal use or i may keep them untill most have been used
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  7. Well, I guess I'm somewhat of Skare's counterpart where amounts are concerned because while he has no doubt the most Notch apples; I think I'm close to having the least ;) I don't really care about rupees all that much but I figured that it could be fun to stock up on some Notch apples and try to sell them eventually. I didn't really feel like buying them because there'd be a risk of not getting your investments back, so I decided to cough up all (most) of the gold I had and use that. Thing is: I could have used gold farms and all (have access to several, including some very solid private ones) but didn't feel like "cheating" (it's really not cheating, but I wanted to see how well I'd fare) so eventually I decided to ask for some help :)

    We pulled all of our gold resources together, made some agreements on how to divide the (hopefully decent) profits and managed to cough up... <drum roll please> 3 stacks of Notch apples! :)

    I could have created even more if I had used my gold ore reserves, but I didn't feel like doing that. Those are meant for yet another day ;)

    As to our expectations... To be honest I don't expect too much from this other than having some fun trying to sell 'm somewhere at the end of this year (or maybe even later!). But I do hope it's going to be fun. My friend and I will both pick out 1.5 stacks and try to sell them through our shops, and in the end we'll see who makes the most money :)

    That's basically also the main drive for us: trying to see who will do better. So yah, in the end this isn't really about money, but more so about fun :)
  8. i got about a dc hidden just to see where the market goes
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  9. I've seen a people with 4 DCs can't say who but the market won't fall to bad if they are selling
  10. i think it will take months for the apples to go up in price tbh there must be 50 or so dc' out there maybe more
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  11. I know some people with at least two double chests of them so unless people hog them, I doubt they'll rise that sharply to start off with. Already a lot of people with them - though I guess they'll have more of an effect on the market so it's possible that they can all bump up the price.

    I won't be buying any after 1.9 hits, I'm not sure how many will be. I only have about a stack or two simply for personal use, and to be honest, I don't even use them, so they'll just sit there until I think of something to do with them in the future :p
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  12. I don't really care about Notch Apples. Mojang had continuously nerfed them and even more in 1.9, without adjusting the cost to craft them, partly because of the introduction of Ultra Hardcore: the same reason for nerfing healing and regeneration potions in 1.6.
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  13. I don't think I have any... I'll try to get at least 2 though before the update :p
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