Not this again...

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by DangerousPopcorn, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Well, i got this message again.
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  2. your pic ain't working?
  3. it is not? try reloading the page
  4. I agree, this is looking familiar to the previous two times... :(
  5. yeah the put aint working
  6. I'm honestly sick of this
  7. yeah, got this too! fairly new to this site what does it mean?
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  8. Just wait it out.
  9. As i have heard, b4 u needed to put that code to join the server.
  10. Anyone know howlong till we join again :L
  11. lol i wondered how long it would take for these threads to be started.

    Firstly lest remember Minecraft and EMC where attacted a few weeks ago by DDos, EMC migrated its servers to a new host and who knows what other damage may have been done, on top of this is a new upgrade for minecraft soon to take place and Justin and the team will be hard at it getting the servers ready for this.

    These may be the cause of the problems EMC are having, but there is one thing we can be assured of the team will be working flat out to get the servers back up and running ASAP for us all so lets give them all the support we can by showing our patients :cool:
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  12. You just said it.
  13. Ahhh ok so its just a waiting game. No worries, just the first time ive seen this type of message.
  14. Shame that we have to wait but that's life. I'm pretty sure Justin will be sorting it out for us :)
Thread Status:
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