Not sure you'll remember me...

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  1. but hey guys, if you didn't already notice my name is IamSaj. I have been playing for 229 days on EMC. For the past 2-4 months I haven't really played much on EMC or MC for that matter, the reason because it got a little repetitive one because we were all waiting for the new updates (don't give me excuses, just cause I haven't been around doesn't mean I don't keep up to date on news here, and I know that the Dragon Egg update didn't even release yet) (*I know that the EMC team is working on hard on mostly fixing glitches and making life better, but we all know that updates are coming, hopefully in the future we can be better prepared for them.) It also just got a little tiring and boring, I mean, with all the annoying new players (Hey, it's true) to the mundane Town life, I grew bored of EMC, I have a place in 6 SMP's, so yes, I have been to the Wild (4 SMP's I play on are actually in the Wild) (Info: My main server is SMP5) It is also because I have been very busy due to school, Black Ops 2, friends, homework, tests, stuff like that.
    So what I want to know today is, what's going on you guys? Who's still here? Is there any old members still here? Any friends of me? Nice to know this community is still alive. Well, we will cross paths sooner or later.
    - Saj
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  2. Still see you on Xbox a bit lol. A good amount of vets are still on and some influential noobs.
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  3. Well a lot of people are somewhat gone. Just a few old timers that remain.
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  4. Yes, Most of us are still around :D.
    zombiegangman.gif and this ICC ban hammer.png and this was the nether about 2 months ago zzz23.jpg
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  5. we missed you Welcome back:)
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  6. Still alive - Well I think so, anyway ;)
  7. I'm still here Saj!
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  8. I believe I invested in your shop once :)
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  9. I am still here!
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  10. welcome back, sir.
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  11. I'm here if you remember me still!
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  12. I'm here still. There are still a few vets and helpful members around, some inactive mods were cleaned out, alot of new ones brought in, appealing for a ban was made a hell of alot harder on griefers, pvpers, etc.
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  13. Just got
    Blackops2. Last cod game i got is mw1
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  14. Wait, who are you? Jk! I know you :)
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  15. I remember you hihi, SMP5 buddies :D
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  16. You left? :confused:

    Well Glad to have you back then...
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  17. I'm still here! Welcome back!
  18. anyway, im here.
  19. I remember you, vice versa?
  20. im here, and its my 365th day, so i think i count as a vet :D
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