Not Sure What to call it :S

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  1. so been working on this today not sure what to call it thoe just kinda let my imagination take over and click my fingers

    Server: smp9
    Res: 18200

    Feel Free to drop by

  2. That's kind of what I do when I build my wilderness base buildings. I just start putting blocks together and see what happens
  3. Wish I had some sort of creative capacity...
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  4. Man... I'm jealous who can build anything more than a shack... You don't wanna see my builds O.O
  5. Oh, my gosh -- you're alive!
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  6. you made skin statues they were nice
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  7. Same here..... Same Here.....
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  8. Yeah, agreed but that's because I had a design to go off of :p
  9. Call it the Imaginitorium.
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  10. :cool: i like