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do you remember me?

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  1. Was utopia wild reset, i remember there use to be a massive public gollum grinder and i need to know what outpost it was in so i can find something

    Thank you guys :)
  2. Wild is never reset only wastelands.
  3. even 4 years ago? before all the changes came?
    emc that i remember was so much nicer, not meaning its not the same its just like weird, i guess part of the fault is minecraft adding crap
  4. Would it be this place?

    It was originally a Slime Chunk Melodytune found then volunteered the coordinates of, then I believe it eventually became known as Slime Town.
  5. no sir but thanks for the info :)
  6. and then the griefing of slimetown began anew :/ glad i stopped repairing that place.
    anyways the iron farm you may be reffering to is probably allengeros but it was never entirely public. if you remember my roses then you remember allengeros farm
  7. That thread's intention was to make the coordinates of the location public and anyone who can type could find it. When are we going to stop this nonsense about having to hide everything? Either this is a grief free server or it is not.
  8. yes in 2013 it was meant to help people get there, and it has remained unbumped since then so unless someone bumps or posts a link it remains buried. i spent months at a time in 2013 when i joined repairing the griefings that that thread brought and finally gave up when jedzero began working on the darkroom.
    after 2013 the rule was made:
    Please do not reveal the location of a wild base or outpost that you don't own.
    • Doing so will result in consequence. Ask the owner for permission.
    anyways like i said before i spent alot of time and resources trying to fight the griefers at that place when i joined everytime someone posts that thread or bumped it, it would throw my work out. thus, im glad i stopped repairing it
  9. thats the exact one, is it still there? or could you take me to it so i can find somethihng
  10. the iron farm i mean
  11. ive actually just found it thanks for your help guys
  12. Melodytune stated that it was Public in the original thread. There are a lot of these. If she wants to change its status to private she is free to do so, but I know she won't.

    Perhaps you could have staff change ownership to you since you've obviously decided that you are her spokesman now. That would set an interesting precedent. Especially with it being right on top of an Outpost. You're going to need a lot of luck hiding something that size so close to an Outpost.

    MeVoid has been there before obviously. Why are you trying to keep him a base he has also worked on and from retrieving his things?
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  13. evryone has seen the massive iron farm, ive never seen it griefed
  14. again, i stopped repairing it as ive said in two separate posts and twice in the very post you are replying to. Not once in this thread have i tried to stop anyone from going because for the fourth time I STOPPED REPAIRING THE PLACE. if you arent going to actually read a statement before you comment on it you should probably not reply at all.
    allengero's has been griefed quite badly a few times, there is just more people that keep it upkept so for the casual user it seem to always work
  15. I read everything you said and I can also read well enough to understand what you implied but did not write. You quoted me first. If you want to keep the place low profile, maybe you should stop quoting people and complaining so much.

    By the way, the link I posted was the original thread, made in 2012. at that time it was a little hole in the ground. Everything that is there today was built on afterwards.
    As you said: "if you arent going to actually read a statement before you comment on it you should probably not reply at all."