Public slime farm coords on Utopia

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  1. Hey guys,

    I hate all these drama posts - so I'm gonna state things sweet and simple and get out.

    I'm not playing much on EMC so I'm going to cancel my subscription. It just doesn't seem worth the money if I'm not using it. I'm not quitting EMC. I'll still be around a bit on 7 and 3.

    I want to give away the coords on my utopia slime farm - since I won't be able to use it.

    Go through the East Outpost portal.
    Head mostly North
    + 10114
    - 772

    Hope you guys enjoy it. It works on and off as the mob caps allow but when it works - it works really well. Margarete - You had a set of of protection IV armor in an unlocked chest. I moved it to the locked chest with your name on it. Since you have not been out there in a long time. :) It should be safe if you want to pick it up.

    A quick note to our Mod team. I really feel like you guys are so focused on building the community up that you are failing to see that the part you have is starting to falter. I know you don't agree with me. I know that everything is rosy and sweet. You have stopped listening to your people. You delete posts that don't agree with you. You lightly dismiss anything that doesn't suit your current agenda. You guys are spending time on things like new currency systems, letting people set spawn points in daytime, and changing the color of log in messages - when there are MAJOR issues that have been waiting to be addressed.

    Come on guys. Where is that amazing staff we have all grown to admire and respect? We want them back!
  2. Is that the exact coords?
  3. yup - exactly Its in a lil swampy area under a tree - hole in the ground leading into a base
  4. Thanks :D I've been looking for slime :0
  5. Guys on utopia please don't grief
  6. Its pretty hard to do any permanent grief to a slime farm. Most of it is dug out but there are a couple of levels that aren't complete yet.
  7. Oh thanks Melody. Like a bawse!
  8. Haha if someone does grief it more slime or the area the spawn will increase. I accidentally made at my mining base came back the next to mine had 2 big chunks 1 middle hopping around I was like "me gustsa" :)
  9. When does it usually work.
  10. When people aren't blocking caps with grinders.
  11. Yea they usually spawn 1 out 4 times after I kill all my zombies at my grinder
  12. Thanks melody
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  13. Thanks melody but, it works? lol i cant get it to work
  14. You went to an area through a small room with a ladder down through a lot of large rooms? some which aren't completely dug out.

    If you are in the right place - then yeah. I have several double chests full of slime from there. It gets worse all the time with mob drops. Sometimes if you ask the people in public chat to clear their freaking grinders then they will start to spawn.

    I believe that Leo is one of the big culprits. He is always on when the problems is happening. He also has like a 4 or 5 spawner grinder so they add up really fast.

    Maybe someday they will fix things. :confused:
  15. Please don't take all the slime everyone we should all get some including ME
  16. It is a really large farm. If it is working you could all stand on a level and get plenty.
  17. It would almost be worth upgrading to watch this...
  18. How far out is it
  19. not far - a 4 or 5 minute run
  20. Thanks melody thank you so much