Noob unclear on the mining/no mining worlds

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  1. Howdy Emperors! It's my first day and I can't figure out where to mine colored clays. Is there a part of the wasteland that has a mesa biome? If not, is mining allowed on the frontier mesas? Am I just going to have to stain river clay?
    Thanks for your indulgence.
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  2. Wastelands mesas are preferred for mining, as the Wastelands are a designated mining world where torn up landscapes are A-okay. :) There are multiple mesas scattered throughout the 9 Wastelands worlds (one for each of SMP1-SMP9). You can search for them via the live maps located at this link.

    The Frontier worlds are typically used more for establishing wild bases and creating other permanent wilderness structures and builds. Thus, large scale mining in places like mesas is TYPICALLY discouraged, but it isn't at all a set rule. If you do come across a mesa in the Frontier, you are allowed to mine there.

    Another benefit of mining in the Wastelands are that the Wastelands are reset regularly, so you can usually find the needed biomes fairly close to the spawn. The Frontier, on the other hand, is never reset, so you'll have to travel a while to get to terrain that was generated after 1.7.
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  3. First: welcome to the Empire! :)

    The Wastelands are primarily for mining and resource gathering. However, if no mesa is present, it's perfectly fine to mine clay in the frontier. You just may have to go out a bit further, because a lot of the land was generated pre-mesa update.

    The best way to look for mesas is through the live map, accessed through /map on any server or through the servers page.

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  4. Absolutely. The fun part about EMC is that it's not just one server, it consists of many. So if your home server doesn't have a Mesa biome then be sure to check out the server overview to check the individual servers (you can check the live map for every server on EMC).

    And yeah: keep mining to the Wastelands only, just to be safe.

    Alas; Mesa you said? Well, the fun thing is that AyanamiKun, Gawadrolt and myself have done some of the searching for you ;) Check out the Gimme all your Mesa project ;)

    So: go to SMP5 (use the /smp5 command). You might also need to use the /vault command so that you can take your stuff with you (it helps to bring a pickaxe and some food). Then go to the South East wasteland: /waste se and follow the sky bridge.

    Happy clay hunting!
  5. Wow thanks for the explanation and server link, Hashhog and PenguinDJ. That road to the mesa is awesome ShelLuser. That's the kind of stuff I want to spend time on.
  6. Nerfzooka I'm glad you're all set and finding the good stuff. Having resetting wastes is a pretty awesome perk for everyone.

    Just to clarify for the record, it is not against the rules to mine in the frontier IF it's not griefing someone's builds. If you break a block placed by a player or prevent/inhibit access to someone's build, that is infact griefing. That's difficult to avoid doing if you mine anywhere near a frontier drop. Some people change their biome by design and may place natural blocks around their builds. Many people hide their builds below ground, which you're likely to plow right into. If they were hiding a rail way or other entryway to their outpost, you then put their whole outpost at risk of griefing if you can't patch it back up. It's just bad news all around. So while it's legal, you put yourself at a very high risk of accidentally griefing or being a real jerk.

    It takes a lot of work to recover areas from griefminers to make them livable again. This is an example of frontier griefmining and what it takes to recover it:
  7. I have mesa mines in the frontier that are so out of the way that people might not find them in a normal play time, however, I try to not stripmine them like some people do so that they are there for other people, should they happen upon them.. xD