Noob Moments, GO!

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  1. My noob moment was hitting a pigmen, after i had repaired my god armor and weapons, who had a friend that knocked me into a whole where another friend killed me. He then mocked me by killing me twice when trying to get my armor back.
  2. Me making my first auction in the forums without reading the auction rules :D. But the good thing was that i won 10k with the auction :D.

  3. Uhh, i fell in a hole
  4. no u didn't xD
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  5. My noob moment was when I first played minecraft.
    "How do you get wood?"
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  6. oh mine was how do i walk.
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  7. You see, this makes me cry ^
    Collectible items dying :'(

    I have had so many noob moments. It would take so long to write them all out.. But I remember one of xHaro_Der's fails very well. He was in /shop and just derpin' like iHaro does and then he accidentally bought a stack of rails. He gave them to me, I still have them actually, it was ages ago:
    I still have 63 of them. One is re-named as up there ^ 62 lie next to it and xHaro has one of the "xHaro_Der's Fail Rail"s :p
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  8. Bass'd
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  9. I am one of EMC's community idiots. I have done a lot of dumb things.
    • smelted a labor bench
    • did not know how to pm or other chat channels
    • said a lot of dumb stuff in town that was supposed to be private
    • smelted a momentus toothpick
    Here are some noob moments I have seen other people do
    • someone tried to convince a moderator to make them mod in town chat
    • any action of any new player within 24 hours of joining
    • anything that Sirdarkblaze says
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  10. Jumped in lava with enchanted diamond armor and good bow and sword. Decided to use lava lighting on my "Library of Alexandria".
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  11. Dug straight down with half an inventory full of spoils, didn't fall in lava, but broke through a cavern ceiling and landed in the only spot on the cavern floor that didn't have water on it, splat.
  12. My girlfriend calls torches firesticks...
  13. Just happened right now.

    I play TF2 a lot, like, a lot a lot, and my keyboard bind for switching to the last weapon used is Q, so I almost just threw my enchanted diamond pickaxe off of a roof because I pressed Q to switch inventory slots.. >.>
  14. My most recent one was wasting an entire stack of bonemeal on a single dark oak sapling, knowing that it wasn't working, but still clicking away watching the little sparklies and hoping against hope.
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  15. My empire noob moment is running off a cliff and jumping into lava no realizing I forgot to drop off my ore buster. R.I.P. 35k
    My minecraft noob moment is not knowing how to make chests. My inventory got full and I almost quit.
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  16. I spent 2 hours looking for a free res without doing /v open.
  17. Relatedly, mine was building an entire layer of my treefarm ceiling too short. -.-
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  18. There have been some good eggs on SMP2 recently. A few weeks ago, someone that had joined for like only 10 hours actually taught ME how to do teleport messages. (I knew the functionality existed but couldn't be arsed to look it up on the wiki that night.)

    Either that or they were an experienced player's alt lol.
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  19. What has that to do with trying to breed a pig with wheat? I didn't really read changelogs back then so I didn't even know that it changed, and was extremely confused my pigs were not able to breed anymore, but my chickens were
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  20. It costed me about two months I think to learn how to eat. After 4 months maybe I found out how to craft a torch - at first I tried right-clicking with sticks on redstone ore, cause they looked suspicious and gave of light when I clicked them:p -, 20 days later I even found a video on how to make a wooden sword. After about 9 months playing minecraft I learned that there were chests.