Noob Moments, GO!

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  1. I know this has been done before, but (A.) I don't want to incur the wrath of "ZOMG Y U BUMP OLD THREAD PANDA MYGAWD!!?" (B.) I thought it would be fun.

    Came up with the idea when talking with a friend about noob moments we've had in Minecraft.

    *Tried to make string from wool blocks.
    *Got a whole stack of melon blocks, couldn't figure out why I couldn't eat to refill hunger. Got mad and just returned to my house.
    *Used a shortcut in Inventory Tweaks to drop dirt in lava, tossed whole inventory. Cried.
    *Made horrible winding staircase-rail up a tower with Brit. Was test dummy. Died in dirt wall.
  2. My most noob moment was when I didn't know how to type into chat, I was flustered for minutes!!!
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  3. putting all my chests underground in town thinking people could steal.
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  4. Been there done that but .... when I first joined I didn't know I could do /home >.>
  5. I've tried to make bows backwards so many times!
    Pretty much every single time, but then I check the wiki and feel like an idiot...
  6. Starting minecraft... why? Cause now I can't find the stop button. But really I used to fail at making things. Now I just fail at fitting them in my inventory.
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  7. My noob moment was when I went to wild, and had to go eat, I thought that pressing the 'esc' button on the mac would pause the game, so I pressed it thinking I paused it, and I died :(
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  8. Trying to breed a pig with wheat as I hadn't been on mc for a long time before I came on emc XD
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  9. Ohhhh the good old noob days... I actually tried to kill a guy on my res. i lava'd him, blew him up, really tried to kill him. He said he was a hacker and thats how he wasn't dying. I video'd it and everything. PM'd a mod, had a good laugh when i realised he was joking. That SDOliveira...
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  10. I remember towards my first month on smp8, I was building a really cool res, and 2 kids came on my res and keep putting themselves in front the area where I would place blocks. I was mad, but I realized they would eventually leave.

    Obviously this was before I started my shops.
  11. I forgot to pause the game. lost a bunch of crap, but you know.
  12. Brand new Ore Buster... check
    Deep underground mine... check
    Diamond ore near lava... check
    Ready new Ore Buster and hit the Drop Item key for no reason. Watch in horror as it sails into the lava.
  13. Same.... I used "/" for a few weeks xD
  14. I use T to type into chat :)
  15. <<<<Noob!
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  16. ty Skrillex
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  17. Back when the 60k member promotional items came out and I was 4 days old, I got my six thousand rupees, went to /shop, and bought glass.
  18. Dats' a noob moment
  19. My noob moment was when I rejoined emc, and I had no clue of how to go to other peoples reses… I spent a whole month relearning all the perms xD
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