Non-Supporters may someday get another res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. I was on reddit and found a EMC ad. I clicked it to comment on it and as I normally do, I read the comments first. I spot this masterpiece.
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  2. interesting... (even though im a supporter so this doesnt regard me xD )
  3. I have 4 reses right now so I'm good. But I'm looking forward to this
  4. Aikar should have "res vouchers" at drop parties… you can increase your maximum residence count by one… and "utopia res vouchers" could be a rarer variant. Pretty obvious what they would do.
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  5. Well, considering how a Utopian res counts as a single res to anyone, I'm guessing that there would only be one res voucher variant.
  6. Do the utopia res vouchers give me diamond supporter ship?
  7. There are not very many utopia residences. I would be surprised if they let any non-supporter get one with a res voucher.
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  8. It has become very common for people to get Supporter, claim extra Residences then drop Supporter and keep their Residences. In fact it seems like it is officially encouraged. I swear sometimes it seems that all of EMC is populated by about 5 people and their alts.

    Given that we just had a bunch of Supporter vouchers showered upon us yesterday I would say that what that post suggests has already come to be.
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  9. Does that mean supporters get 2 more reses or something if non-supporters get an extra one?
  10. but rich people would get a lot of reses there would have to be a cap
  11. They work hard for their cash anyways, what's wrong with that? :p
  12. Fair enough :p
  13. I mean rupees lol
  14. no I mean rich as in on EMC like Todd or something so they buy loads of these vouchers with rupees and get 10 reses xD
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  15. Shhh... delete your post. It never happened.
  16. At the cost of millions.. Do you realize how hard Todd works?
  17. He does everything himself too. He dug an entire residence in 2 days by himself for me.
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  18. I'm not complaining thats perfectly acceptable and I really respect him I'm just saying people that are work hard on emc are gonna get a lot of reses but I do understand how that fair
  19. It is. Anyone could be a millionaire if you work hard at it :)
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