Nokia is winning. Google is next?

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  1. Apple has been busy, samsung have been copying, and Nokia has been sitting in the back of the classroom not knowing what to do.

    Apple won the Samsung vs. Apple war, and want to put a ban on the selling of samsung phones. My mum has a samsung phone, and me and my dad have a Nokia phone.

    Nokia is winning. It's not getting any better for Google though. They also copied Apple :D Good job I don't want a Google phone. They walked into the exam room late.

    Blackberry is also absent from the class.
  2. Go google. Nuff said.
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  3. Go Apple. Nuff Said
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  4. And there is already an injunction on a certain model of the Galaxy Tab.
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  5. The only apple thing I own is an iPad..

    Maybe a Macbook ~Air~ I only use for graphics purposes.
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  6. get some stock in Microsoft and Nokia now so that when Google gets sued you get big bucks
  7. But google has more money than Apple :D

    Creator of the very first Search Engine
    Owns Youtube, the most well-known video sharing site ever and you can get a job with it.
    Science & Innovation projects
    Have the best email system in the world.
    Own the catchphrase 'Google it'.
    Creator of Computers
    Creator of OSes
    Creator of Tablets
    Have a thing with big cats to go with their browser 'Safari'.
  8. You own an iPad?! What a terrible fate.
  9. i wouldnt mind having top-o-the-line apple stuff but

    1: tried my friends.. sucked. it was nice and all but there was something in my brain that said : foreign
    2: you have to read a 800 page book to install a pencil.
    3: why dont you just leave apple were it is and use google? my email haz free phone service!!
  10. Nah, my dad got that iPad out of his wages because my county want everybody to own a smartphone or a tablet.

    My mum got a samsung galaxy.
    My dad got an iPad. It took about 3 hours to set up because his email needed to have caps.
  11. I am sorry about your mom having a Galaxy Tab.

    And if everyone hasn't figured it out yet, I like Apple products.
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  12. Lol, Google made Android. Is a user.
    Samsung is a user of Android.

    I see where this is going, Apple.
  13. Sorry but Apple has more net worth
  14. No, not the tab. The smartphone xP
  15. Sorry I need sleep. It's almost 4:00AM here :p I tried getting sleep at 12:00AM. I couldn't do it. Feel more tired than a fellow herbivore needing its stomach to work after a long day of eating. Come to think of it, I've only been eating 1 meal a day for the past week. Screw it. I'm starving too.
  16. Here's a quote from a article on Apple.
    "In fact, some of the things Jobs and Apple are being accused of are so over the top, Lex Luthor would have to take off his hat ... and then use it to cover the dark stain spreading across the front of his pants."
  17. I love technology news and articles. I was just reading an interesting one about Apple Genius Bar workers. Let's just say I wouldn't let any of my devices near one of the Genius Bars.
  18. Ohh! Must see!
  19. Apple forever, I am typing this on a iPad, Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, and a iPod nano.
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  20. Both of your posts are flawed. Google did not create the 1st search engine and Apple did not create the first computer or tablets. Also... Samsung didn't copy iOS they "copied" the design because if they want a tablet it has to be square according to Apple. Apple also says that if you want to make your laptop like an Ultrabook in the proven most effective way (wedge shape and battery in the front) that you can't. Apple nowadays (post Wozniak) does not invent. I think that they improve on things, but no way in hell do they invent. When other companies try to collaborate to bring the best to their consumers Apple tries to distance themselves. Owning both an iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy 2 I definitively say that Android and Google make a phone 3 times as better. The S2 is sleeker, larger screen size, easily customized. and easier to share music and videos than the iPhone. I put my S2 down and picked up the latest and "greatest" 4s and felt like I was going from a mid-sized sedan to a Hot Wheels' Car. Saying that Apple creates great things is false and I think that Open Source; easy media sharing; and it's many personalizing options put Android over iOS.