No reward for voting at

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  1. As the title says. +0 Rupees for voting at (3rd site from the bottom of the list.) Shows up as though.
  2. Works for me (150r, 5t), but shows up as TopG. Did you vote on TopG before voting on
  3. owns After you vote on TopG, wait about an hour or so before voting on
  4. Yes.
  5. I've noticed this as well, but as some have said it showed up in my history as the TopG website. This seems to be messing with my vote bonus as a result, because I like to vote every twelve hours if I can. However, I have done so and I have not gotten the next bonus recently. Has anyone else had that problem?
  6. don't vote for and TopG At the same time, space them apart. Hopefully they will change their identifier... but until they do nothing we can do.
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