No Motivation; Depression creeping up?

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  1. It's probably just me but ever since summer started I've had no motivation to do anything at all. I had nothing to do all day so I sat around and played Xbox here and there but generally just being online on my phone. I have lost all drive and passion for EMC and the forums. I wanted to kick start my Youtube channel as well over the summer but I've just been too lazy to find recording and editing software. At least in school even as bad as it was; gave me something to do. I know I'm not the only one that feels like this, I've heard other people talk about the same problem I have. I used to be able to just grind out games on Xbox but lately it's not fun for me. Or anything else besides staying up late with my phone, eating and stalking my crush on social networks. I constantly feel tired but have no idea why, I don't think it's depression and I first assumed it was because I just got burnt out on Xbox and many other things. But lately I haven't been eating breakfast and barely anything else mostly due to my superior ability to not get out of bed and go do something (I am NOT a morning person).
    And going back to the EMC side of things, I kind of got annoyed that all I saw in the new threads box thing on the right were just auctions so I kind of took a break from the forums and the game for a while. Which is very ironic seeming as though I was already not active on the forums or in-game for the past few months. Also, when I got Diamond I planned to make 2 shops on my new res's, and a giant farming residence on Utopia. And as you have read, I was too lazy and lacked motivation. I know probably only one person will read this, but for that one person I say thank you for taking time to read this. I know it's a giant wall of text and you could give plenty of reasons why I should keep playing EMC, but right now, I'll just keep my res's from going derelict and looking at the forums once in a while. Oh and don't worry I'm not going to cut myself or anything, I'm not that depressed or whatever. Just updating you guys what's going on with me.
  2. See, I don't mind this thread. It's not a "I'm depressed, feel bad for me" it's a: I'm lacking motivation, just letting you guys know what's happening and why I'm not playing. Thanks for not making a pity thread
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  4. Consider taking a bit of a break from electronics - even one day can make a big difference.
    Fix your sleep schedule - early to bed, early to rise.
    Spend as little time sitting down as possible. Try to exercise - I recommend walking and/or running if you're healthy enough for it. If you start a program, you'll probably want to start eating breakfast again.
    Motivation is something that can either grow or wither away. It just depends on what you do. If you really work hard at something, your will power will get better, but if you're lazy or if you procrastinate, you'll just get more lazy (just don't overwork yourself; rest is important too).
    Also, sunlight is great for curing depression. Just don't get sunburned.
    Cheer up :)
  5. I have tons of reasons you should become more active on EMC, and I'm glad you didn't make a "feel bad for me" or an attention seeking thread. Which I'm sure everyone has attention seeked once, and even not knowing it, or creating drama. Similar to what TheMinner333 said.

    EMC grows everyday, every minute, every second. I'm not going to make a huge wall of text, but, hear me out, you need to become active, like you used too.

    I enjoyed your forum posts, I usually found them humorous, and I miss them. I remember seeing you around on servers, being greeted with "Hey Saj!". Don't you miss that? Don't you have any joyous and nostalgic memories of EMC? The fun that you used to have, being around on the servers? I'd be glad to venture out into the wild, start a shop, play around, and have fun with you around the servers, to get you back into the EMC groove. I hope to see you around. :)
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  6. If you don't have a motivation to play EMC, don't try to come up with it. It'll eventually come to you or you'll forever forget about EMC.
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  7. I too have lost all motivation for EMC.
    I feel as though I have nothing to do in Minecraft anymore and I just jump around when I am online. I try to play Xbox and spit out games while texting or on social networks as well and I have lost all motivation for Xbox as well as EMC.

    I started a job thinking how great it would be to be able to finally buy my first super gaming setup and how much fun I would have on it, now I am unmotivated to go to work seeing as how the money has no use anymore for me and I hate most of the people I have to work with.

    I started many projects and I'll log onto EMC thinking I would work on some of them then end up getting too bored or mad or into some argument with someone. I even thought of moving out of town thinking that would help, but now I am thinking I should just quit EMC or MC in general and find a new game or something better to do.
  8. I have gone through a: what the heck am I gonna do on EMC? Then I became a donor and have been busy ever since.
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  9. Donor stats motivated me a while back, then I left, and realized, wtf did I do. Now, I'm back, because I longed for EMC. You'll come crawling back, trust me. I did.
  10. Lol I'm not unmotivated :p ima about to start a huge project :D
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  11. I know, I was just adding onto your post. :p

    I'm now a part of Eclipsys master building service, so I have things to do now! :D
  12. Last thing off topic! *cough* my project totally doesn't involve that building service :p
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  13. I know right... :p
  14. Stalking your crush on social networks. Thanks for giving me an idea as how to cure my summer boredom. :p
  15. You're not the only one :/, ive been feeling like that, just coming to the forums and see auctions thread and im like meh, with the only activity of go eat diner, and nothing else to do .n., nothing else to do but stay in my bed, going to emc and just jump around trying to talk in chat but have nothing to say, tho im not depressed or like i hate my life or that thing of //wrist ( or cutting urself <.< ... no just no), just meh, i play hexxit to waste time ^-^ but thats it really. I hope you find something to do so u can have lots of fun \o3o/
  16. Thanks for all the support guys. I'm going to try and get more motivated to do things especially playing on EMC. :)
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  17. How about trying something new? Like watching a new show. Just try anything!
  18. Potatoes always helps.
    Obey the potato.
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  20. I'll sign you up for potato rehab!
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