No more iron golems spawning in town

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Would you want golems to keep spawning in town?

Allow golems? 25 vote(s) 75.8%
No golems? 8 vote(s) 24.2%
  1. Ok well there is alot of iron golems spawning lately and it is geting very onnoying >,< I know justin how good these servers are could make a plugin like this in a day + all the iron u can get it is not kinda fair. FREE IRON IS THE PROPLEM.
  2. Golem's aren't supposed to be spawning, I don't think. And also, people can kill them if they are on your res. One wandered onto my res, and I trapped in a chamber with an opening for viewing, and I watched someone kill it. They now don't have move perms on my res. :p
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  3. Justice
  4. :p
  5. NOOO POOR CAVEMAN SQUIDWARD! Seriously what they remind me of.
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  6. Iron golems aren't meant to spawn in town but I assume like any passive mob it can spawn in town given there aren't many mobs near by. It would be kinda cool though to have a iron generator in town :p
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  7. you should had tried glass view lol
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  8. Good job, you just bumped a dead thread from a month ago..
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  9. How many times do I have to say this?
    1. By posting you made it worse
    2. As long as it is relvant I see no problem with 'bumping' 'old' threads.
    3. No hard feelings :)
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  10. 1. You've just posted as well
  11. Well technaclly this isn't an old thread. The time when it becomes old is after a month that is when the message comes up.
  12. 3 weeks... I wouldn't drink Milk that is 21 days old, nor would I post on a thread 21 days old (unless you NEED to)
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  13. 8 Days until a month, it doesn't really matter. If it wasn't an old thread, people would still be posting on it after September 15th, and not obliviously bumping it
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  14. It wasn't an old thread.. (The red letters appear after a month) :p
  15. Posting in an old thread to complain about posting in an old thread. You just drank your own old milk.



    Mobs shouldn't be spawning in Town. If they are, I won't complain. It's a bonus.
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  16. But foodenator posted on here!
    That makes it a thread you must never eveeeeer bump
  17. Well I dont have the bumping problem.
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