No Item Glitch In /event

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  1. I wasn't going to report this but it happened a second time.

    Several minutes ago (4:25 EMC time) I clicked one of the hidden chests and got no item. Then when I clicked it again, it says I claimed the chest already. This happened on 'azoundria8'.

    Yesterday night on 'azoundria2' the same thing happened for one of the chests I clicked. I logged out and back in and verified that indeed I had no additional items in my inventory.

    Thus, on both these accounts I was only able to claim 9 chests. It would not let me get a 10th item.

    I assume this is a glitch and there isn't supposed to be a random chance to get nothing from a chest.

    I have additional details including which chests this happened on (and it was two separate chests). I'm not too worried about the items, but I assume this is a bug you'd want to get fixed for next /event. :p
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  2. Are you sure you didn't get an item and then that next chest had the same item and they stacked? For example, Ik you can et 16 diamonds from some chests, did you by chance get another set of 16 diamonds from that chest or other stackable items? Also, check to make sure you didn't get any Marlix armor and put it on by accident
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  3. Also possible you got something like a potato or arrow which would stack if you had some in your inventory. Just calling it out in case your inventory wasn't completely clear when you did the event.

    I got a chest with "1x feather" in it.
  4. Verified I did receive some items, but they stacked to other items I already received.

    The only suggestion I could make is to print out the item gained. For example:
    You found 8 Golden Apples.

    Then, it would be completely obvious. :p

    However, this is definitely my mistake.