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Which of these Video Game Home Consoles do you like the best?

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XBox 360 12 vote(s) 37.5%
Playstation 3 3 vote(s) 9.4%
Wii U 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Other 8 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Now that Nintendo has released all of the information about the Wii U, I have made this thread to give any of you that missed E3 of 2012 a change to watch the videos right here on the thread. You can also talk about anything else about the company here also. The launch of this system has been the day I have been waiting for!:D
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  2. Wii U it's cool. but Ps4 it's going to be more popular.
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  3. As we all know, its going to copy a lot of stuff...
  4. yeah. nintendo it's original and I like it.
  5. Explain a bit?
  6. The Wii U is going to flop. I know it...
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  7. Lets put it like this. Did you notice anything about the PS3 Move controller and the Wii controller. Also, both Xbox and Playstation both ripped off Super Smah Bros.

    Nintendo never fails, well, other then the Virtual Boy..
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  8. This could be it, this time. I imagine it's going to start out great, then rapidly decline.
  9. Sure, Nintendo isn't all about blood and guts, but they seem to be moving into it a little with some of a games. The Wii still sells pretty good.
  10. The Wii has been in quite a sales downturn for a while lately...
    Also, the problem is how the Wii U is going about everything wrong. Games that have been out for 1+ years is not a feature. Giving kids the ability to draw messages is only going to cause the predictable. The controller seems like a gimmick this time around. Also, the price for a second controller would probably cost as much as a Wii, considering how complex it is.
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  12. Sony and Microsoft will definitely copy off of Nintendo this year. PS Move ring a bell?
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  13. This was a big argument made to try and make the Wii a failure when it released as well... Before too long, Sony will yet again be praised for following in the footsteps of Nintendo by imitating their product line.
    When Nintendo released the Wii, everyone called the controllers a gimmick and yet now we have the Playstation Move. Everyone forgot how the Wii remote was a gimmick suddenly when the "powerhouse" PS3 took note of the success of motion control and jumped on the bandwagon.

    I am interested to see what Nintendo does with this Wii U as this is not an entirely new principal but the implementation itself is. Prior to this we had the option of the Dreamcast Virtual Memory Unit, the connector cables from Nintendo to connect a Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube and also the PSP will funtion as a multimedia control for your PS3. None of these were as advanced as the Wii U will be but this is where Nintendo still has the head start because the GBA was also capable of displaying information about the Gamecube compatible game on screen, not just acting as an optional controller.

    This is an innovative way of implementing what has been available on the market before but in a much more focused manner. I hope Nintendo is yet again imitated and that they stay holding strong in this stupid console "war" that fan boys are so quick to defend.

    I love Nintendo because I get to play their 1st party games such as the Legend of Zelda series and the Metroid series.
    They have their downside as well, but nothing can beat the low price point, the simple pick up and play or the casual gamer appeal. The last time I had a console party before purchasing my 1st Wii was with the Nintendo 64 and 007 Golden Eye. Nintendo has a wonderful formula and it works. No doubt about it.

    I love my Xbox 360 because it has the games I enjoy playing on it and I have managed to amass a much larger and cheaper library of games that speak to my more adult interests. The main downside to owning this system is that I am giving more money to Bill Gates... He has more than enough. There is also the monthly fee for accessing on-line multiplayer functionality of games I purchased but $9.99/month isn't unreasonable for the additional content I can also spend more money on. If it weren't for Bing Rewards, I would have already canceled my Xbox Live Gold subscription a long while back.

    I do not own a PS3 on account of many things, especially the high price tag for the Blu-Ray functionality. This does not make Sony a lesser company, as I actually own many of their other products. I just do not need a PS3 as I no longer own any Blu-Ray format movies and I have all but a small selection of games exclusive to the PS3 that haven't given me a personal reason to run myself further into debt in the name of entertainment.

    In the end, I hope Nintendo keeps introducing these radical game changers so that the gaming industry doesn't default to this idiotic "graphics and processor speed" over gameplay and storyline method of "advancement" because then everything that is great about games will disappear and we will only have interactive paintings to look at and a machine that plays movies that regurgitate the same crap storyline every few weeks.

    P.S. I hate the ignorance fostered in this current society and hope that one day we can evolve beyond drooling morons that fight over entertainment and move on to a more educated and informed society again... I doubt I will live to see it. :(
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    Go click on his link.
  15. But when the Wii came out, this was a whole new feature. Motion controls, yay! The multi screen, and touch screen concepts have been played out. Also, the Wii audience, casual gamers, don't think they need a new Wii, they already have one. That's how it works. My above links explain my stance.
  16. I like Wii and xbox
  17. Who wants pikmin 3?
  18. Nice, so you found the most biased negative OPINIONS you could dig up to provide as substance for your argument. WTG. 1 handed clap for you.

    Directly from your 1st link:
    "Of course, I could be wrong and the Wii U ends up driving Microsoft and Sony out of business. We’ll just have to wait and see." - Mark Del Rio

    Directly from your 2nd link:
    "(This piece was written by one-half of my brain. Please also read the other half-brain’s article: 12 Reasons the Wii U Will Succeed)." - Charles Herold

    Seems even the biased Mark Del Rio has some sense to concede that this is all his OPINION and not based on any real fact, so bravo to him. However, his credentials do not list Market Analyst so his OPINION is not a substantial argument.

    Charles Herold at least had the decency to provide 2 opposing arguments to his OPINION rather than a biased one side view of the Wii U's potential success/failure. However, his credentials do not list Market Analyst either so his OPINION is still not a fully substantial argument either. He does make some very informed remarks, unlike Mark Del Rio and so he has my respect for being able to approach the issue from both sides intelligently.
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  19. Nintendo adds unique features, but exaggerates them way too much. Also, are you referring to the controller layout, or design? From my experience with the people i know, they are tired of nintendo making a big deal out of small things. Nintendo lacks umph in the major categories. Those categories are hardware, controller usability, good games in ALL genres, and that the seem to have made it into a "child" console. Their hardware is a generation behind, they have ruined controllers since the wii, their game selection is somewhat strong is some categories, and non-existent in others, and they are clearly marketing to children. When M$ and Sony came out with motion controlled games, everyone was like "MEHHHHHHHHHHH! They copied nintendo!!!!!!" Nintendo made the wii with the pure intention of it being only motion controlled, but M$ and Sony added it as an ACCESSORY. Thats because some other the owners of 360's and ps3's asked for it. I see that as a smart, non-copying move, your customers ask, you give. But when gamers asked nintendo to make some good "core gaming games" (like a decent FPS), they would ignore it and ship it off to third party producers. Now everyone pretty much knows that a good 3rd party wii game is rare, and so did they, so they basically said "we dont care" to all the gamers out there. Thats why Sony and M$ are better. Because they will listen to their customers game genre wants.

    Also, heres (what i think) a good comparison for newish nintendo controllers compared to a ps3 or xbox controller.
    Ps3, and xbox= The normal, time tested, easy to use mouse.

    Nintendo= -_-

    Heres why i think that they are advertising to mainly children. Now, people will say " But they have M games and such!!!" That doesnt matter. Children get bored fast, and easily if things dont change, right? If you give them the sameish design over and over again, they get bored. Look at how nintendo is designing their products. They went from normal gamecube, to the weird controller wii, and now to this odd seeming wii U. Its seems that they constantly change the way you use their consoles, because they need to keep your attention on them. Its like they are making the consoles, for a group of people who get bored of stuff easily (*cough* CHILDREN *cough*). Look at their handheld history. They went from the normal setup gameboy style, to the semi touchscreen ds, to the 3d enabled 3ds. Again, they are making these consoles for people who get bored of the same design, but different visuals or internals.

    Please point out what you think is wrong in here:D
    /end rant

    Also, Legit: This isnt aimed at you, this is aimed at everyone lol. I just happen to have responded to your comment, and then i started thinking and got wayyy sidetracked:p
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