Nick's Secret Agenda

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  1. So, as we all know, nick likes melons. If you don't know that, then um...

    anyway, I believe nick has a secret reason for having so many melons.
    i found this...

    could this mean nick is hiding something from us? I think nick might be a female or trying to be female .o. This thread isn't trying to offend anyone. If you are offended, then you shoudn't...
  2. Looks like nicki isn't denying it :3

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  3. At a glance I honestly thought your quote said
  4. yeah, well xD
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  5. Lol NSA
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  6. It is true; I have been undergoing surgery since the 10th, as I said on my profile, and now it is finally complete. I deleted my profile picture to show my transformation, but I forgot to change my gender until today. I feel like a new woman!
    (Hoax, see this)
  7. What's estrogen?
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  8. The chemical that makes females female-y.
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  9. So you had Sex reassignment surgery?
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  10. So, are you pleased with the results?
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  11. so is it Nicky now? congratz
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  12. I prefer being called Nikki
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  13. Moderated:
    WARNING: This post contains adult themes, that some viewers may find offensive:
    Empire Minecraft.... where gender changes are something to be proud of.
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  14. bro, you bein' offensive to transexuals?
    aww, that's a nice name <3
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  15. Soo Nikki, you gonna change your skin right?
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  16. I apologize if I offended anyone or something with this, but it was a hoax. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a little harmless hoax that was basically handed to me. Although I do kind of regret doing this, as it had its risks of creepy messages, which I received and wanted no more of. It was not meant to be haha funny, but was meant for a reaction more of "weird...". I thought it was pretty obvious that it wasn't true.

    The surgery status on my profile had nothing to do with changing or modifying my gender, and was just something simple in my throat.
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  17. (ignore jack)
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  18. If life gives you melons, you're probably dyslexic.