Nicknames: Obvious Suggestion is Obvious?

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  1. I'm really surprised not to see this suggestion in the thread or in the "already suggested" post. Really surprised. I didn't even consider it myself until we were talking about it in chat today. I heard -I have no proof- that Mojang is thinking about implementing a name change feature in the future, but I also heard it was last on their to-do list, so it could be a while. As in years.

    I think EMC should have a nickname feature. Yes it's frivolous and probably low priority. There are definitely two major ways it can be abused:

    -People having inappropriate names
    -People stealing other people's names

    But I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't think our excellent coder(s) could get around those problems. I also suggest that it be a supporter feature, not because I think people should pay for it, but because people who pay for it are less likely to abuse it, and most people who chose to support EMC have been around long enough to know better.

    And if people do abuse it? You simply remove that feature for that individual.
  2. Meh, I have always just wanted to be renamed to BrickStrike. ;3 It's a great idea, though it may or may not happen for some time, so instead... Why not have a nick name system for groups? In town chat and in any other chat other than group I would be known as brickstrike, but in group chat I could be called whatever I want (as long as it is appropriate) so I could be "Brick".
  3. I don't agree, the nickname feature could be offensive to many people and I don't think EMC's focus is on having too many features. I play on a private server which this is a feature and it gets extremely annoying. I just think they need to keep it as simple as possible :)
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  4. I have had a private server with a nicknames plugin and it has caused a few problems. First off you can use the nickname to disguise yourself. You could say something into the chat an no one would know it was you. Players could also use nicknames to impersonate other players. anyone not paying attention could get tricked. An example being one player nicknames themself Todd_Vinton and tells players that he needs money for a new mall on another server. People would believe him and bad things would happen. Finally with the nicknames plugin in essentials for bukkit the nickname transfers over to the console meaning that catching an offender is harder.
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  5. I find this feature rather useless, people already call people by their " Nick Names " like people call me Sky.
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  6. People would never believe that, Todd has too much money in the first place :p

    In all seriousness, as stated above this can cause many issues and tbh it can get very confusing.
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  7. i get called tech. just tell people yer knickname.
  8. Why has no one read my comment lol. It could be just for groups :p
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  9. Nickname would effect not only the town with /v name commands but reporting also unless steps were taking to add a command to get the real players name.

    any way with out a bunch of round abouts that would just cause more work on our already overworked team i see this as very unneeded
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  10. Someone better think of something, because all the problems you guys are talking about will also have to be avoided when Mojang comes out with the name changing feature. :p I'm hoping they won't just give up.
  11. With the name-changing feature, I hope that the system that mojang uses will detect if a previous name was banned before login. I also hope that it costs money. $2.99?
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  12. that.
  13. yeah cant wait i got this name when i was 6 i really wanna change it to Wat_Da_Panda or something like that
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  14. This def wouldn't happen anytime soon, and if it did, it would be for chat only, and /p would reveal the real name, and /report would work on both names.

    I would even say we would likely even have a review process to "approve" nicknames, and tie it to a supporter feature, to reduce abuse.
  15. No reason at all to make it a supporter feature. Have you seen the servers? There is a 1:1 ratio on who is supporting EMC and isn't. We need more people. Simply making this a supporter feature doesn't make someone get on a server. Nobody expects to pay too much for small features that may increase EMC's popularity, such as this on. Approximately 500 days ago on EMC I joined. When I joined it took me about five minutes just to get a spot. That's when I considered donating, just for a reserved spot, if we get more people, we'll get more supporters. That simple.
  16. I can assure you that the ability to change your nickname is not a big deal to 99% of players and is not the make-or-break decision factor in joining a server.

    The reasoning for making it a supporter feature is to reduce abuse. Your MUCH less likely to use the feature to troll or cause trouble when their is a monetary value associated with your actions, especially if you're a minor and money is limited.

    Asking your parents to fork over 10$ for you to troll online is much harder than if it was simply free :)

    There is lots of evidence on other games and other minecraft servers in how changing your name can be used for malicious intent. People think they can cause harm, then change their name and wipe their state clean. It's one of those features that has a finer line on does more harm than good.
  17. Let's say this isn't something small like, nicknames. Let's say this is a friendly debate, not an argument :). Let's say that this is adding The Wastelands, or something that will be the make or break plugin/thingy/suggestion on a server, and then we simply just make it a supporter perk? That simply doesn't sound right to me.
  18. There is a distinct difference between the 2. Wastelands is something that benefits everyone and harms no-one.

    Changing your name is something that benefits a very small part of the community, which means time spent on it is time not spent on features that benefits everyone.

    Then there's also the fact that it can cause harm to the general public if abused.

    Not to mention the confusion it would cause, as it cant be a 100% switch, so players would need to use your original name on things like signs for shops, so its overall unlikely to happen.

    So yes, if we did put in the effort to do this, it would make sense to be a supporter perk.
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  19. Then there are people like me, here to have fun and build. I can't even afford supporter irl and it was hard enough just to buy minecraft. It simply cringes me when there's a nice suggestion that finally gets take into a game but in a way that it doesn't even affect me because it's supporter-tied. I'm fine with the bonus residences and stuff, but it just doesn't seem right when the one suggestion that would be pretty cool gets added to supporter. For me it's very rare that something really nice ever comes out that I can actually use.. :(
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  20. Agreed upon.