Nick5013 Appreciation Thread

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  1. ( In response to Equinox Appreciation Thread )

    Nick. He has been on EMC for a while and most of us know him. He is the Creepy Pasta with the pretty skin. Lets take a moment and remember him.

    Those were just 2 images, feel free to post more about how nick touched all of our lives :)
  2. ;3 He always makes me join his group when he logs on at my res... lol.
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  3. He did something to me a while back I remember.
    Trapped me in some hole for a while.
  4. Why are there four spoilers?
  5. I honestly don't know.
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  7. ..melons
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  8. So true.
  9. Running about and enderpearling at random at town spawn? Anyone?
  10. He wanted me to get an alt name Nick5013ispretty. i got it but i don't use it on EMC
    EDIT: I will get it but i plan not to use it on EMC because it is a bit awkward
  11. *Searches name in minecraft users*
    EDIT: Couldn't find the player >:[
    you lied to me >:I
  12. oops, i meant to say i was going to get it. typo
  13. Melon juice ?...
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  14. Melon melon.
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  15. my favorite nickimage