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  1. I have created a touring business. Basically, you pay the fee (which is likely going to lowered eventually) and I take you on a tour. Before we go on the tour, I will have you sign a document to make everything look more official and awesome. Before I go over the tour (which currently has 7 8 locations but will be expanding), I would like to mention that I am currently the only guide. If you go on a tour and you would like to apply for a job as a guide, please private message me or talk to me in game. To take a tour, come to res 9118 on smp4. If I am online (yes, you can let me know you would like a tour by private messaging me) then I will let you know if I am available for a tour or not. If so, we will go to the main office and we will do the document thing. I will then give a short summary (a sort of mini-tour) of my res, unless you specifically request I skip this. Moving on to the tour, we will start at smp1 and work our way up to smp5.
    The first location is the graveyard on smp1. I will talk about the graveyard and graves, and then I will show you different components of the graveyard, including a grave with a chicken in it (just for fun :p), the crematorium, and special staff graves (and more).

    The second location is the EMC Park on smp2. I will take you around the walking path and show you the Park's three bodies of water, as well as a rockpile and scattering of stone that almost looks the remains of some ancient building. :confused: I will also show you obvious changes in biomes within the park and point out ways these can be seen, as well as the vegetation in the park.

    The third location is a well-known shop on smp2: AlexChance's megamall. You can take this opportunity to spend some rupees for yourself, and we will walk through the various sections of the store, pointing out different things that make the store unique and spectacular. Note to AlexChance: if you want me to take your res off the tour, this is fine!

    The fourth and largest location is the EMC Amusement Park on smp3! We will go to each game/ride and, if you would like to purchase needed materials or have brought some with you, try them out. We will go through the Hedge Maze and enter the mysterious Lower Maze. You will also navigate the sewers and learn how to escape them! You can buy anything from the attractions if you wish. Note: This is the largest part of the tour!

    The sixth location is the EMC Mob Arena on smp5. We will explore the area right outside the mob arena, and we will discuss the rules of the arena, what often happens before and after a match, and various attacks you have seen within the arena. However, no help will be given. :)

    The seventh location is Heyaroo's Four Biomes Amusement Park on smp5. Again, if you would like to purchase anything, you are free to do so. We will look at each game/ride and marvel at the architectural design of the Underwater City. I will note one secret about the park, but I will only mention it, I will not tell you anything about it! You can find it yourself.

    After the tour, we will go back to the office. You can give any suggestions for the tour, and mention what you thought of it. You can also tell me about any residences that you think should go on the tour. Lastly, if there are spots available, you can apply for a job as a tour guide. I will ask you a few questions (and quiz you on some of the tour spots), though you are very likely to get the job.

    Special Deals
    If you do not wish to go on the Complete Tour (all 7 locations) you can choose one of the two cheaper special tours. The EMC Special Tour goes over EMC's four special locations (the Graveyard, Park, Amusement Park, and Mob Arena). The Special Res Tour goes through residences built by other players on EMC (AlexChance's Mall, Heyaroo's Park, and Pietdagamer's gigantic amazing building thing). If any players who own a res on this tour, they may ask to take their res off of the tour or else ask for a cut from the tour's profits (or even just a certain fee in the beginning for the res to be on the tour). If new locations are added, people who have already been on the tour can see these locations for a cheaper price.

    Tour Prices
    Complete Tour: 60r + leather (will likely be removed) and ink (will likely be removed) or 65r
    EMC Special Tour: 40r + leather (will likely be removed) and ink (will likely be removed) or 50r
    Special Res Tour: 20r + leather (will likely be removed) and ink (will likely be removed) or 30r
    Souvenirs: Find out more about these at the Tour Office at 9118.

    If any staff member has a problem with this business, please let me know. I do not want to cause any trouble or be banned for anything, and I will shut down the business immediately in the case of breaking any rules that I did not know about. Again, owners of residences on the tour, please pm me if you have any problems. Other players can also pm about putting their res on the tour. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this business.

    New Update! We have added an 8th place on the tour! The prices have been changed slightly.

    The new eighth location is the EMC Rainbow! Though a very minor part of the tour, we walk through the village briefly to look at the rainbow and possibly trade with some of the villagers. We will then go to the top of the rainbow and see the great view. This location is on smp8 and in the protected area of the wild, so some adjustments may have to be made due to lack of flags.


    New updates are being added in yet another major post!
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  2. I like this idea, its also good to see someone from SMP 4 coming up with these good ideas :)
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  3. Also, if you want to bring stuff in order to participate more in certain things in the third and seventh items, here are the following items that the third place uses. I believe the seventh only needs boats and mine carts.

    Boats (a few)
    Mine Carts (a few)
    Bow (or two)

    You can ship them over to the correct server using your vault. This is all optional, and doing this will not change the price of the tour.
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  4. You should do group tours, and show stuff such as the admin lounge, or justin's secret lair, stuff many mightn't have know about. This is quite clever though, I must say so myself. Good luck :)
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  5. New major update! Sadly, pietdagamer's res has already retired from the touring business. It is too complicated and long of a res to include. But smp4 will not be skipped over! Pietdagamer's res will be replaced with two of smp4's nice res, res 8005 and the res of zbalda94! The prices of the Complete Tour and Special Res Tour have been updated. More info about these two residences and a new tour pack comes next!

    Explore the wonders of res 8005, a personal favorite! See how the owner has utilized Nether Brick, Endstone, and a certain flag to make a truly amazing experience!

    Zbalda94 has a lovely mansion. Before continuing to the rest of the Secret Tour, we will take a rest and have a special meeting here. We will visit all of the mansion in this look.

    One fateful day, the Empire Store crumbled at the hands of the Admins. Today it stands in a separate world. Only the old shop res remains... but secrets are hard to remove. We will recover what the Empire shop once held before the remodeling. This can be done on any server, but we will do it on smp4.

    Justin is an important part of EMC... He has done quite a bit of work. Where does he go to relax? Find out as we journey to his secret hideout.

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumty had a great fall... And landed in a room made of diamond ore! Humpty hired some pro surgeons and now lives happily ever after in a mansion in the Caribbean. Now you can visit the room of many diamonds! Come on the Secret Tour to pay it a visit.

    Finally, we will visit the place where only Admins dare go... the Admin Lounge! A fun way to end the tour, enter the enjoyable land of Admins.

    The Secret Tour costs 45 rupees. The residences in it, except for the first two, are not included in the Complete Tour as of now. Thank you.!
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  6. Fixed for you. :)
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  7. This sounds quite cool. I would recommend you also do some wilderness adventures.
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  8. This is a very awesome idea! I believe this is the first touring business I've seen on EMC! When will these start? I am very interested in this. Great job of bringing your creativity to the next level!
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  9. You might also want to ask Hasorko for a District 67 tour.
  10. I will look into all of your suggestions. As for when this will start, it starts as soon as I finish updating the Secret Tour and my office on my res. :)
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  11. I like this! When will these start?
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  12. Check the post directly above yours. ;)
  13. New Alert!!! The Tour Office may not be edited, but Tours will start on April 21st! PM me now to sign up!
  14. Yes! The business is growing still! Though it has, as mentioned, not yet started, another tour is being added! Welcome the Egyptian tour! This is a secretive tour that will take you to the Empire's version of Egypt, Sphinx and all. This costs 55 rupees and a special fee that will be discussed upon requesting this tour. See the throne room, oasis and more! Here is the list of tours and the places they contain.

    Complete Tour, 60 + leather and ink or 65 rupees, Combination of EMC Special Tour and Special Res Tour (see below)
    Also includes two residences in the secret tour (see below)
    EMC Special Tour, 40r + leather and ink or 50r, includes EMC Graveyard, EMC Park, EMC Amusement Park, EMC Mob Arena, and EMC Rainbow
    Special Res Tour, 20r + leather and ink or 30r, includes AlexChance's Mall, and the Four Biomes Amusement Park, but for additional 15r the two residences that are in both the Secret Tour and Complete Tour can be added
    Secret Tour, 45r + leather and ink or 30r, includes zbalda94's mansion and a res utilizing flow flags and Nether components (also in Complete Tour or added to Special Res Tour on request), and a secret room of diamond ore, JustinGuy's secret hideout, the admin lounge, and the tutorial from the outside
    Egyptian Tour, 55r + leather and ink or 60r, as well as special price (discussed with request for tour, but always is constant), and tours players over the Egyptian land in the Empire, both in the desert land and in all structures

    Current Gift Shop and Buyable Items:

    Hedge Maze Map (for use on smp3): A map of the Amusement Park hedge maze, 30r (Warning: the map is small, but very easy to read, and is partly obscured by wooden roller coaster. However, I still enjoy the map for its usefulness and the fact that you can leave it at smp3 until you need it.)

    Egyptian Garb: You can choose custom Egyptian garb, dressing as a servant, a pharaoh, a scribe or a warrior, as well as other things. This is leather armor (full suit) dyed to suit the part, as well as a handheld item to go with it. For example, warriors get a sword, scribes get a book and quill, etc. Depending on what you choose, prices will vary (dyes used, such as lapis, will heighten the price for example), but a plain suit of armor (though I do not know why you would want this) costs 240r.

    Amusement Park Pack: 40r, this basically includes a minecart, snowballs, boats, a bow, a few arrows, and two stone shovels. These items are used in Amusement Park games, but you can bring this stuff yourself if you want or not do any at all.

    Four Biomes Pack: 25r, this is for the Four Biomes Amusement Park and does not include shovels, bow and arrows, but is otherwise the same as the Amusement Park Pack.
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  15. Ah I had no idea you were giving tours at the Four Biomes! Awesome! :DDD That's so cool, very awesome idea of having a touring business. Can I ask why you need bows, arrows and shovels for the amusement park tour? If you need any help for the tour at the The Four Biomes, just ask :)
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  16. The bows, arrows and shovels are for the EMC Amusement Park (archery and spleef). In fact, I forgot about the need for snowballs, minecarts, and boats at your park. I have updated the list of purchasable items.
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  17. can i pay for both at the same time?
  18. This is a great idea! When I finish my tropica res I think it would fit in perfectly with this ;)
  19. Both what? Yes, you can pay to have two tours at once, if that is what you are asking.
  20. yes i wanted to have both the secret and the regular tour