New to Empire - not new to minecraft

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  1. Hi,

    have been playing Minecraft for many years now, but with periods of less or no activity.
    I have been searching for a server just "to live in". you know, do my thing and interact a bit...but mainly just do survival without worrying for grieving or @#%! persons who's only goal is to ruin your game experience. Hope to have found that server here. Will let you know :)

    Start is good, so thanks.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, make sure to read the 50 page essay Empire Guide Book!
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  3. Thank you. I did.
  4. welcome to the empire! I hope u like this server a lot. :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire WeezerNL. A great server to play on without worrying about others ruining your game, and if it does happen we have great staff to take care of it.;) Enjoy your stay.:)
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  7. Welcome !! If you need any help starting on our server let me know. Ill answer any question I can.
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  8. Looking at your username... hmmm... Meh, why not wing it ;)

    Welkom op Empire Minecraft, ik hoop dat je het hier naar je zin gaat hebben! :)

    ok, ok, ok... We do speak English here but, yah, temptation and all. So let me start all over..

    Welcome to Empire Minecraft, I hope you're going to have a great time here ;)

    (not a literal translation, us Dutchies gotta keep the edge a little bit :))

    In my opinion you found what you were looking for, but with a twist. EMC aims to be a "Vanilla+" server, so you basically get a mostly vanilla environment (mcmmo is a no no here) but with perks. In my opinion its survival at its finest.

    For starters: your town residence is 100% griefer proof. Not even the mods can grief that ;) A common gameplay is to use the economy (shops) & mining factor to get resources which you can use to build. Of course, your res. is 60x60 so if you need more.... you could also opt to head out into the Frontier which is a world fully aimed at survival. Not meant for mining but for building and I suppose surviving.

    However... The frontier is not protected, so there is a chance you may run into griefers. If you do its well adviced to inform the staff about it who will take action. But outside of town EMC isn't fully griefer proof (but there are plans in the making).

    SO yah... welcome to Empire minecraft.

    It may take getting used to but if you give it a fair chance then I'm sure it can deliver.
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  9. Thanks for the intro (Yup, dutch indeed!)
  10. Okay, have been playing for little over a week now. I like it. The plots are fine, the worlds are fine. Nobody has annoyed me yet :) that's great! I like the custom mobs etc. So far, very positive. Thank you.
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  11. Welcome to the Empire (though a bit delayed ;))!
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  12. Okay okay, still liking the server. Decided to go with an Iron supporter membership, lets see how this turns out.
    I already had PayPal, so this went quick and easy. Good setup!