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  1. Hey everyone,

    When I brought the auctions back up, I got a lot of requests for two things. One is to allow for more than one auction at a time and one was to create a Supporters Only auction thread. Well we've decided to combine the ideas and create an entirely new Supporters Auction thread. The rest of the rules will follow the same, of course, however we won't limit the number of auctions that you can hold to just one. The limit will be 5 per person. in them at a time. I haven't setup the forum for it yet, but I will be working on it while I eat dinner in a bit. :)
  2. Ahhh!!! Love it!!! Today is an amazing day for EMC:)
  3. Wait, what's the second announcement? :p
  4. That one will come after the new forum is up. Will take me a bit longer to write up.
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  5. Take your time. :)
  6. So, unlimited auctions per person in that forum?

    That could get interesting lol
  7. this sounds sweet! i cant wait!
    but i have a serious question: with the new 1.3 update, wont that bomb the auctionplace, pretty much making auctions obsolete? i mean now with ores you will literally be able to far mxp just by mining and placing iron ore! i think that ore xp should be disabled at least.
  8. Sneak Peek time!
  9. I'm hoping people use it responsibly so we don't have to modify it down the road. Maybe this could be up for discussion. Unlimited might be a bit much at a time. Do you think we should have a higher limit that's not infinite?
  10. 5 seems very reasonable
  11. That seems reasonable to me.
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  12. I Cant wait for the second announcement
  13. Thanks ICC :D
    Keep up the good work :D
    I hope that the new XP thing dosent totally kill auctioning for Enchanted stuff
    Silk touch can be made at LvL 30(lvl 30 is the new Enchant cap) now and every 17 XP you go up one level (i think thats what it said)
    Sure its great if you are not auctioning picks but why would you buy a pick when you can go and spend like 5 mins placing and mining an ore..........
    Not looking foward to that part of the update.......
  14. The enchanted pick market is gonna go downhill
  15. We'll see when it happens. We can also adjust auctions down the road to allow for new, more rare items.
  16. Okay, changed the post. The limit will be 5 per supporter per the supporter auction thread.
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  17. Such as Emerald and emerald blocks? :eek:
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  18. Mining iron ore doesn't give xp, smelting it does. Same with all the ores that drop an ore block.
    You get xp from mining ores that don't drop ores. Diamond, redstone, lapis, coal.