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  1. I always wanted to make a minecraft movie, but I never found a server that had areas that I could build gigantic sets in creative mode so I could make it without cost, while still having lots of players on the server able to be in the movie. I was thinking of that for EMC. It would be a special world that normally would be closed to all but staff, but the players could rent out the world weekly for a certain amount of rupees. The world, though, would have creative mode only within that world available to the player that rented it out. When they finish making the set for the movie they are making, they must begin filming at a set date, or else they would lose the ability to use the world to make their movie. Once they finish making the movie, they then put it on YouTube, and every view that the movie gets, that player would receive a small amount of rupees, maybe 5r or less.
  2. I think 50r is too much for a single view, maybe 5r a view because let's say you get an average of 1k views, that's already 5k. (50k if its 50r/view)

    And if you have a video that hit 10k? You'd get paid 500k with your method which is just too easy so I say no for that.

    Also I think it should be another world like the wild/waste and not another server if that's what you're thinking. Other than that it's not bad, but staff has much higher priorities at the moment so this wouldn't happen for at least like a year, if ever.
  3. I think 5r is definitely better. Ill add that to the original post. And I was thinking of a seperate world on the server, not its own server.
  4. Why should the people making videos be getting any rupees?
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  5. Couldn't you do this on a private server? This sounds like a really useless idea to me.