New Smp9 Public Facilities!

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  1. Hey Empire!

    Just wanted to let you all know that i have created Public Facilities on Smp9!

    To get there, there is several ways. 1. /v 19237 2. /v Gadget_AD 3. /v +public

    Notice: If your using the /v +public command there is about 3 res's with this tag so just do it again and you will get it within 4 attempts :)

    Hope you guys enjoy. :D

    Please give me your feedback on the place here. Mark it out of 10. :)
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  2. 6 out of 10. :)
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  3. I'm out in the Wild on that server. Can you list what facilities you are providing?
  4. Cool! What are they? :)
  5. Im providing these facilities:

    Enchantment up to level 30
    ender chests
    crafting benches.
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  6. How did you do the +public tag thingy?
  7. Go onto the res you want to add a tag then type in chat /res tag (add) or (remove) (tag name). So for mine I typed in /res tag add Public. Hope this answering your question. :)
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  8. Nice :) Do you have to be a Supporter to do that?
  9. No you do not have to be a supporter :)
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