New Residence Flags

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. A few Residence flags have been added primarily to assist with Empire Events, but are usable by players too:

    buffs: if player is allowed to have any form of buff on your residence
    itemuse: if players are allowed to use any form of items on your residence

    These default to true so no need to set them unless you want to block them.
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  2. Cool! Buff flags should be a really good addition, mainly for the event reason given.
  3. Nice buff flag, but items, what items? Beside Ender pearls which has the another flag ?
  4. Ah, to stop other people's beacons affecting your res?
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  5. potions
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  6. what is a buff?
  7. A potion effect such as Haste or Speed or Strength
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  8. EMC Custom items that act on right click should be blocked by itemuse.
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  9. Does this mean blocking beacons effects also?
  10. it blocks all effects (including beacons)
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  11. Finally :p
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  12. so glad beacons are finally blocked!

    umm, i just set buffs to false on my res and my neighbors beacon is still effecting me
  13. can this be confirmed? because i'm testing it out and it's not blocking beacons
  14. looks like it defaults to true, have you turned it off?
  15. When I tested it the other day it worked correctly. Perhaps Aikar made a change later. I am going to work, so I will let someone else test it..
  16. yeah it shows "false" on my res info so it's definitely turned off
    i also went out of range of the beacon and then came back in range and it still effected me

    if you want to come test it out, it's on res 16059 on smp8
  17. Have the same on smp1, 432. my neighbor's beacon effects still my res. tested false/true, no difference
  18. so I guess we're getting no comment on the statement about beacon effects on neighboring residences still working?
  19. Ok, I think I know what it is. If you are the owner of the residence you bypass flags, so of course you would still get normal effects since the buffs flag doesn't apply to you.
  20. ahh yeah, I just confirmed that as well. Good deal!