New Residence Flag: admin

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. A much requested flag has been added, the ability to give someone else full access to your residence including the ability to change flags!

    This is primarily intended for alts, as this is essentially the key to your house, unlimited access!

    Simply give admin flag the same way as any other flag but it will require confirmation.
  2. lol

    Edit: I mean this is a good thing, if an had an alt which to use it with.. xD ..And I seem to have beaten everyone to the first post on this one.. finally.. o3o
  3. nice! this is great :D
  4. Thanks !
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  5. Yay! that is excellent. make my work so much easier...

    It will also help building on other peoples reses. Trying to explain to newbies how to set the half-dozen flags needed to build some redstone is tiresome.

    Although the admin flag is dangerous. To build for people you essentially have all those flags anyway. So it's not a huge deal.

    /tell newbie just enter: /res pset nzscruffy admin t
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  6. Yes! Thank you so much!
  7. *happy dance*
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  8. As some who got 3 Alts for Christmas... YES!!! :D

    Edit: Considers giving QUICKALERT (my irl friend) admin perm... I don't trust him with it after last time I have him build... Found my vault full of buttons :p thank Notch for water and buckets XD (in all seriousness I might give it to him :p still debating)
  9. But wait, will the person with an admin flag be able to kick the owner of the residence out? Or even delete your res, yeah...I'm going to use this for alts...
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  10. quite a few threads i nthe last few days, eh?

    Anyways, I imagine this being really handy for some people *cough jcplugsh4z2manyalts*
  11. Imo the changing flags bit is a tad too much. If this is intended for ALTs, will you at least fix the flag hierarchy so that build, use, container, and move will include all other flags like it used to?
  12. admin can not delete or unclaim a res, and flags are ignored for admins/owner, they will always have access.

    admin can set flags for others and set named locations (see new thread in moment)
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  13. Well its now super easy to set flags, /res pset name1,name2 flag1,flag2,flag3,flag4

    setting the old base flags to inherit smaller ones would defeat purpose of the flags. use is meant to be a harmless flag for most part, but modifying redstone isnt harmless.
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  14. Then combine all the Redstone related flags into one called Redstone. Even if i can add them all in one command, its still more logical to have them organized so that you can just issue say build for building and container giving chests and minecart chests.
  15. i love this flag ^_^ saves me about 20 minutes per res! :D
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  16. Hallelujah
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  18. i like this new flag. i support. i was all worried honestly when i saw this.. 'no, why.. why another flag >_<' then i see its an awesome easy flag of love. thank you. <3
  19. *figuratively kisses Aikar* Yay, thingz be happening yo!! EMC be poppin!! This is great!!
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