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  1. The last thread was shut down due to flame wars. It's sad, really.
    No flaming.
    I want no arguing between the militia and towns.
    Napoleon, it honestly seems quite childish to me and other people, I'm sure, that you built a dirt house where you can't build a militia building.
    Legit, that's no reason to be that mean to him.
    This is a discussion thread. Not a flame war thread.
    We can make the New Republic strong.
    We just have to work together.
    I am doing this on behalf of 72volt as I feel partially responsible for starting the flame war.
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  2. You do know that ISMOOCH posted not to re post a new thread dealing with the NR until VOLT gets the flame wars cleared up right?
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  3. Volt must make the thread, not you. :p
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  4. also, i think it would be better if we could maybe, if at all possible use the old thread.
  5. It's locked, so...
    No... Didnt see that...
  6. It was there. If we can get it unlocked we should.
  7. Ok, no one post beyond this until the round table
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.