New Promos?

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  1. I've been finding it tough to keep on top of all the new promos that have been released and I'm sure I missed some from before.

    I use the wiki as well, but it also doesn't seem to be up to date.

    Case in point:

    Doesn't have the new years empire firework from 2015 yet, nor does it seem to have one from 2014 (assuming one was released)...

    I'm wondering if promos could be added to the wiki before being released with each update to help avoid confusion?
  2. The Wiki is maintained by people like you and I, we do not know anything about whatever promotional item is about to be released.
    Aikar cannot just tell them the promo ahead of time because again, they are one of us, and some times he does not even have a promotional item until last minute. Also, they contributors have to write out what they want the description to be and Krysyyjane probably has to review it before we actually see it.
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  3. We aren't told about promos before they're released for the reasons SkyDragon stated, so we can't add them to the Wiki beforehand.

    As for the firework; I'll see if I can add that.
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    Thanks to SoulPunisher, the new firework is added. As SkyDragonv8 said, the team does not know about promos in advance, and I'm sure we were all busy last night with it being New Years Eve.
  5. There is no 2015 Firework (yet), the one just released was the 2014 New Years. As for the implementing of promos, the Contribution Team adds the item to the Wiki as soon as possible after release and with as much detail as possible also. :)
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  6. That's weird. Why is it 2014 New Years, when New Years is January 1st, 2015?
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  7. In the past, the fireworks have been released with the year that has just been completed.
    Before this , there was a 2012 and 2013 firework, so it would look weird if it went 2012,2013, then 2015 :p
  8. It is indeed weird, but it has always been that way. When I joined back in January 2013, the New Years 2012 firework had just been released. The year on it is the year that has passed, apparently.
  9. Maybe also because
    , maybe it's the last time of 2014 and gets handed out then, and then have to wait till next year 2015 firework, so it has been a full year maybe, don't know :/
  10. I always thought it was strange too, but it's just the way that it has always been done here. As jrm says, it would look strange if we changed it now! :p
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  11. I seen somewhere in the past few days where Krysyy (I think, anyway) said that it was weird and she would like to have it changed, but she didn't want to skip a year since it wouldn't 'look right' :p
  12. Alright, I get how it is now. I initially thought that a promo from a whole year ago had been missed. An item taking a day or two to be added is a whole other scale from taking over a year.

    I also understand that it's nearly impossible to change the names of items already released. As this item has been released, the only logically thing would be to explain that on the wiki.

    One possible alternative for future years would be to have both years mentioned. So the next one would be EMC Firework New Years 2015-2016, followed by EMC Firework New Years 2016-2017. Then you wouldn't have that weird gap and there would also be no ambiguity.
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