New Player goals and gifts

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  1. So I was thinking of a feature that would be useful to mainly new players, I say mainly as ppl who play on the server a while tend to amass a lot of items but new players then to need stuff.

    So my idea is to do with wastelands and mining, I think it would be good if new players had targets or goals they could reach after they join.

    When they go out to mine and only when they mine, and reach a set amount of blocks broken they would receive a gift for that achievement say as an example the break 10 stacks of stone they get an option of a nice pick or sword. Then after 27 stacks they might get something better armour or a silk pick or fortune.

    Only a limited number of gifts could be gained in this manner and only at the beginning of the new player being on the server.

    Something like, well done you have achieved your first goal breaking 10 stacks of stone claim your gift etc.

    Anyway I know you want to keep the server as vanilla as possible but I thought this might be something that would help new players.

    Maybe this will spark other ideas I will leave it with you.
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  2. When achievements get introduced, I believe that will be great goals for them.
  3. Yeah, I really like this idea +1 from me :D