New official event at smp8! (/v koth)

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  1. There's a new event coming to smp8 at /v koth! owned by EmpireMinecraft

    koth= king of the hill (I think)
    the point of the game is to knock other people off a tower into the lava

    the winner gets the prize of whatever the prize is

    what the place looks like is not final!

  2. I was going to post a thread when... you know... we finished it :p
  3. Looks awesome so far, and the principal sounds even more so! Then, I saw it was on Smp8. Great, the nether...
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  4. lololololol
  5. btw this is in the town near my res
  6. I know. I mean, I am in the nether on smp8, so I will not be able to use this feature in EMC unless I come back. But I am not leaving the base I am at, and if I do, it is only to take supplies to and fro.
  7. So lets see....Mob arena on 5, PVP on 6, now KOTH on 8...

    I knew SMP7 was too weird and scared staff, we don't even get a cool mini-game/event.
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  8. Yet. :p
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  9. Sure Jack ;) xD
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  10. Don't forget fire floor on 4!
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  11. Well 1 has only the tribute and graveyard ;/
    2 I have no clue
    4 has firefloor
    don't know about 9 or 3 o3o
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  12. 2 has the park ;)
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  13. Pyramids. We, have pyramids. :p
  14. oh yea xD
    Pyramids everywhere!
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  15. No one does the pyramids now though :p we don't have an attraction still. SMP9 FTW YAY :p
  16. Hahaha, I was confused at first, how you could make a thread about a new official event :p Found out nicely ;)